Emergency work from home

Last Thursday morning, I recieved a call at 5:30am about a server problem at my company. I gave a few suggestions over the phone but around 7:30am they still had a problem. I started taking over remote control at that point and spent from then until 2:30am the next (Friday) morning working on this problem. I ended up working from home due to the severity of the issue and the time at which it was reported. Long story short, I had to restore from the previous nights backup and that fixed the issues. However, I spent all day trying to repair the server because we had received mail on this server for at least 5-7 hours before problems started, and we wanted to recover those messages. There was some type of corruption and the log files were lost during a previous restore attempt. So I was using MS utilities to try to recover the databases. Did I mention this was an Exchange 5.5 server (OUCH)! A fresh restore of both the public and private stores fixed the problem and we only lost messages sent to individual addresses (since we use public folders as archives for our Distribution lists). This was a long day!


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