Monthly Archives: October 2006

New Pictures

Ok, I’ve finally managed to get some pictures uploaded to our picture gallery on Just click on Pictures and look for 2006. You should see an October gallery, just go into there and you’ll see the new pics!

Big Scare

Early this week I had a big technical scare. On Friday of last week I had noticed some problems with my hosting server. I contacted support and they said they were doing maintenance and would have the server back up in 3 hours of less. It came back up and I went about my business. Well then I noticed some pictures in my picture gallery were corrupt. So I submitted another trouble ticket. They ended up restoring a backup of my account which put me over quota which gave me another scare, but I was able to fix that one on my own. Then I thought my blog had been wiped out, but fortunately it hadn’t. I was just jumping to conclusions before really looking into it. So finally everything is ok except for some picture gallery issues which I should be able to fix without a problem.

Busy Week

Wednesday our schedule returns to somewhat normaly, but Liz and the kids will be gone until around 8pm. Thursday Liz has a MOPS meeting, so I get to watch the kids while she is out. Again that means I need to leave work right at 5pm which is a challenge sometimes. Friday I think I heard something is going on, but I have no idea. In a way a busy week is good in that the work week goes quickly and ushers you into the weekend. But on the other hand, time has a way of slipping through your fingers like that and before you know it years have passed and you wonder where the time went. If you survey all the elderly people in the world, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll never hear any of them say that they wish they could have spent more time at work. I would immaging you’d hear something along the lines of “I wish I could have spent more time with my family” or something similar. I take a look at my own family and see my oldest daugher now 6 years old and in 1st grade. I can hardly believe how much she is growing up and how quickly the time has gone. I hope one day my circumstances will permit me to spend more time with my kids and enjoy life more fully.]]>

Just brakes update

I received another phone call from the manager at the Just Brakes branch where I experienced the near disaster of the brakes on my van failing completely. He too was apologetic and said he would make sure things like this didn’t happen again at his end and also said he too would follow up with the branch nearer to our house and see why they wouldn’t help us out. He also said he wanted to keep me as a customer and offered me a 25% discount on the other work they said my van needed. So let me think about this, they very nearly could have caused the death of my entire immediate family, and to make it up to me they only offer me a 25% discount…. I don’t think thats going to cut it. Not to mention I’ll never set foot in that place again for any of my automotive needs.


Almost forgot to mention that I was finally able to get Liz to watch Heroes with me last night. We watched the first and second episodes and she said she liked it. Its nice to be able to enjoy something together.]]>

New Multimedia PC

I also found some new software to use, I really like Grab It from Its easy to use, has a nice search built in and if you subscribe to their news server account, you can get premium nntp access. They have just about any nntp group available. Its a great service and great software.]]>

Experts-Exchange Master Level Certification in Exchange Server

Experts Exchange

Since joining a few months back, I’ve been working towards getting at least one expert certification. I am pleased to announce that I have finally obtained my first expert certification. I now have a master level expert certification in Exchange Server. Thats the topic I am in most of the time and have helped many people over the last few months. It only takes a small amount of time to answer questions and point people in the right direction. I love this site, because not only can I ask questions and get help from experts even more “seasoned” than myself, but I can help others at or below my level deal with issues in which I have experience. I now have 134322 expert points and have finally earned over 50,000 points in the exchange category, which earned me my certification. I plan to continue to participate in Experts Exchange and expand my certification status.

Good weekend

Saturday was a productive day, as I got the CAT5 cable I needed run to my entertainment center. I can now playback video downloaded from my main PC directly on the TV over my home network. I was using wireless before and it was aweful and slow. Its much better now hard wired. I might put the wireless back in the PC and not run another cable at all to the computer desk as I wanted to do earlier. It will be even better when I can replace the older PC currently used for video playback with a nicer machine.]]>

Parts pricing

I am trying to rummage through online distributors and ebay to find some parts I can use to setup a better multimedia PC than what I currently have running. I’m amazed at how much people want me to pay for just a few computer parts. I was hoping to spend about $75 for a few small parts, but looking online, its going to be more like $240 to do it right. I may be stuck with my sluggish 600MHz system right now, until such a time as I have the extra cash to spend on an upgrade.

Can't use FIOS :-(

I recently came to the sad realization that I am not going to be able to use FIOS for my home ineternet connection afterall. This is very sad, as I was looking forward to using this new service from Verizon. I was very impressed with their wireless router and the upload speeds, but sadly I will be forced to cancel my account. The issue is that they expire your IP address every 104 minutes, making it a true DHCP (Dynamic IP) network. Where with Road Runner they have a DHCP network, but your IP pretty much never changes. I’ve had RR for almost 2 years, and its only changed once because I got a new cable modem, so it got a new IP address. I checked into using Dynamic DNS services, which the Verizon router supports, but I have more than one domain, so updating my IP with more than one domain would be a problem. Most dynamic DNS services assume you only have one domain to work with at home. I have 3 main domains that I use, and some supporting domains. So I am going to have to stick with Road Runner for now. I am sure there are workarounds I could do, like run the dynamic DNS service clients on my various computers at home and set each one for a different domain, but that is a huge liability in that if one of them doesn’t work right, then mail services for that domain will stop working until I realize what happened and fix it manually. Right now I don’t host any websites on my home network just e-mail, but e-mail is important and I don’t wait any problems with mail flow, I have enough trouble with that at work, I don’t need it at home too.