Sites I recommend

I am going to post a list of sites for services, software or anything else I think is neat or useful.  If the link is on this page, I either currently use the service or software, or have tried it and find it useful.  I won’t just be posting every old link here, only really neat stuff that might actually come in handy.  For you (the reader), I have graciously added a description next to each link for your convenience so you don’t have to click each one to find out what it is.  I’ll try to break it down and mature this page as time goes on into a readable list.


WordPress – By far the best blogging platform out there, you can create an account for free at or install your own copy at (Don’t forget to check out my plugin page to see what plugins I’m using on my wordpress blog)

SteadyState – Microsoft released this handy tool for use on kiosk computers.  Looks much better than any previous tool from them and might even be good for the kid’s computer!

K9 Web Protection – Parental controls for your computer to safeguard your kids and filter/monitor internet activity.  Its totally free and has the same features as the big guys.

ScreenShot Captor – A Free and fully featured powerful screenshot capturing program for your computer.  Much more functionality than using the built in print screen button.  Link goes to a page with lots of their software listed, just find ScreenShot Captor in the list and download it.


Jott – a neat service you can use from your mobile phone.  Create contacts and groups online and send them voice or transcribed notes to their e-mail or as a text message; all of this while you are on the go from your cell phone.

 SkyDrive – Powered by Microsoft this service gives you several GB of free storage space, a  slick web interface, desktop software for drag and drop access, and much more.

My list is actually much longer, but it will take me some time to complete putting this page together.  Keep checking back for updates.

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