Monthly Archives: October 2007

New website goes live!

Last night I decided to just go ahead and make our new website live! I thought that the new design was close enough to done to warrant moving ahead with making it public. We will still be doing some minor updates here and there, and maybe add some new functionality soon as well. We had played with some podcasting stuff a while back and I may enable some multimedia features such as podcast posts with audio only for now, and maybe video later on.

New website for the family

Its been a really long time since we have updated our website.  To be honest, its not very functional.  There are links that don’t go anywhere, pages with no content, and people usually only come to visit our site for the pictures.  So I decided to re-do the site, making it more of a blog/portal for our family.  Soon there will be family updates listed on the main page, along with links to our blogs, and picture gallery.  Soon you will find our site to be much more user friendly and contain the information you want as a visitor anyway.  We just need some new graphics and to finalize a theme to use.

Getting old

I had a dermatologist appointment the other day, and we talked a little about some other minor things before I mentioned that the bottoms of my feet are startng to crack and dry out.  He replied and said “yeah, you are getting old”.  I’m really not old, but I look older and feel older.  I guess the days of having my smoothe perfect feet that Liz used to be envious of are about over. 

updated picture gallery

I spent some time on friday night and uploaded some new pictures to our picture gallery. Sadly it had been four months since the last update… Go to the picture gallery!

Update to TILT review

Ok, I did more testing this weekend and have found the following relating to the TILT by at&t. 

 1. I thought the camera was pretty bad, but found that if you give the room proper lighting, it actually works well and takes ok pictures for a phone.  Same goes for video, the video was choppy and really bad with the frame rates, until I discovered that if I had good lighting in the room I was recording in, the video also looked pretty good. 

2. The HTC Home plugin was causing my phone to switch to vibrate on its own at what I thought was a random schedule, however it turns out that any time I had a calendar items that marked me as busy, it would set the device to vibrate even if the “auto” setting wasn’t being used.  This was very annoying, and I was able to find a different build of the HTC home plugin in the xda developers forums to get rid of this issue.  Only now the plugin seems a little hesitant to start up after a reboot, I have to go into my today settings and tap ok again to make the plugin appear.  Minor complaint, since the vibrate issue is fixed.

 3. I highly recommend the Kaiser Tweak app from xda, it quickly lets you apply many tweaks to the phone.

4. The HHC Home plugin customizer is a must!  It makes configuring the home plugin much easier and quickly helps you customise your icons and other options. 

HTC Home Plugin and random vibrate

Well sadly I discovered today that my beloved HTC Home plugin for my ATT Tilt is the cause of a minor issue. It seems to randomly switch my phone to vibrate. Obviously this is a problem, and the only solution so far is to uninstall the 6 button home plugin and install the more limited 3 button home plugin. I really don’t want to do that downgrade, as I love having the favorite people button and quick ringer type change options. I am going to keep digging for a solution but I’m not sure if it will get fixed anytime soon. So far I have found very few instances of people with the TILT having this issue, I guess most of them found the 3 button plugin easier or happen to find it first. It did take me some time to locate the 6 button plugin, since I had to dig pretty deep in some forums to find it.

New blog design

I’ve been experimenting with new blog templates lately. I’ve been using the vistered-little theme for some time now and really like it, but its kinda bulky and with the plugins I used, it was taking too long to load my blog page. I’m using a new template now and optomized my plugin usage so the page loads faster. I narrowed down the templates to 3, and I may go back and forth now and then, but the one thats up now looks pretty good to me, I still have some customizing to do, but overall I’m happy with it.

As a note, you can click the page at the top titled “my Plug-in usage” to see a list of all my active plugins and even the inactive ones.

Traffic Tease

Some days around 4pm I get a traffic alert from my local news organization. Usually its reporting accidents. Sometimes they just like to tease me by sending me alerts like this one below:

3:58 PM 10/25/07, MALFUNCTION JUNCTION, Traffic flowing freely

One thing is almost certain, that when I drive through “Malfunction Junction” it won’t have any free flowing traffic problems. 🙂

review – at&t TILT

I have had the TILT with at&t for about a week now. I have to say this is the best phone I have used to date. Here are some highlights of why I like this device..

1. Its sleek and visually cool looking, coloring is modern and glossy.

2. The weight of the phone is indicative of being well built, it feels sturdy and tough.

3. It has plenty of onboard memory; you can customize the device, install apps and have plenty of onboard memory left without the need of a storage card.

4. Onboard GPS radio is neat; this is my first phone with true onboard GPS. A perk is that both Google maps and windows live search work with the onboard GPS radio for free.

5. The speed of this device to a data network is amazing. Over HSDPA I can download at nearly 1mbps which is not bad, although this connection is theoretically capable of much faster sped, but it’s still way better than EDGE!

6. You can use this device as a wireless modem, so when you travel or go somewhere that doesn’t offer free internet access, you can connect over Bluetooth to a laptop and get on the internet for free using your phone’s data plan.

7. Windows mobile 6 pro seems much more stable and visually attractive.

8. Battery life is not bad, in one day I am only using less than 50% of the battery with normal to light usage.

9. You can be on the phone and receive e-mail and use the data connection at the same time. No longer does using the phone disable all other radios on the device. You can now get important e-mail while talking on the phone.

10. Mobility! I can browse the web, make a blog post, track my position with GPS, take pictures, connect to wifi, use bluetooth devices, conect to VPN, run Citrix applications and sooooo much more, all while on the go.

There is more I will post about this device later, but those are the main points…

finally – a new bed

We found a great deal on a new platform bed frame with two nightstands on craigslist. I went to Brandon to pick it up this afternon and brought it back home to assemble. I tried on my own for about an hour and a half to assemble the bed until Liz finally discovered I was home and came back to our room to help. It is a realy nice set, although a little tricky to assemble. It’s all setup now and looks great. We have a little re-arrangng of our room to do in order to use the night stands it came with. Finally after 9 years of marriage we are getting a new bed. We are keeping our existing mattress for now, but may soon replace that as well. it will be soooooo nice to slep on a sturdy bed that doesn’t creak loudly at the slighest movement.