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Faces in words

I’m starting to see faces and shapes while looking through spam logs.  If you stare just right you can see people, shapes and faces made up from the spaces between words.  I guess this is still healthy depending on just what or who your mind is seeing!

missing my old mower

We were talking about lawn mowers today, and it brought back memories of my old mower. I spend around $8K on that thing, but I sure did love it. John Deere makes a good machine! No need for it now with my small yard, but I remember how much fun this thing was to ride and how accurate and fast it was!

a wii touch of boredom

I have to admit, that after a week of playing the wii, and playing the same sports games over and over, I am starting to get a little bored with it. Granted we still only have one controller, and haven’t gotten any additional games yet, but honestly, the same 5 games in wii-sports just won’t hold my attention much longer. Its still fun, and I still enjoy playing when we have people over, but interest in playing on my own is dwindling… Time to start thinking about new games and an additional controller.