Monthly Archives: November 2006

Two Amazing things

Yesterday when I got the mail from the mailbox, I discovered two amazing things. First, I received a check from our title company that did the closing on both the sale of our old home and the purchase of the new one. It was a check for an overage they charged us on property taxes. They made a big deal about it at closing, that we may get charged more when the taxes came due if they didn’t collect enough. Then yesterday we received a check for the overage which was surprising. This came in the mail right after we had just decided to purchase something for someone else out of funds we didn’t really have. So this check was triple what we spent on this other person which was amazing. Then I got a letter from Lowes, which was in regards to my Lowes card account. Turns out I have a $70+ dollar credit on my Lowes card account. This is also amazing, because I really need a hedge trimmer, which this overage will allow me to get, along with a few other small items we need for the house.

Annaversary Weekend

Liz and I just had our 8th Annaversary (technically yesterda). But we celebrated last weekend. We got a free two night stay at a local Inn and went out to dinner. I took Liz to the California Pizza Kitchen in the International Mall. We had some really good Pizza and a nice relaxing time. We only stayed one night at the hotel because the kids were sick and Liz ended up getting sick that first night as well. We did manage to squeeze in some requetball for about 30 minutes or so before returning home. It was a nice 4.5 day holiday weekend for us, so we tried to make the best of it. It was nice to relax, even though things didn’t go quite how we had hoped.

Sarah lost her first tooth

Today on our 8th Annaversary, Sarah lost her first tooth. She lost it at home just before biting into a slice of an Extra Large Brooklyn style pizza from Dominos. Pictures are at and click on 2006 and then todays date, (11-28-06).

Active Directory Troubles

UPDATE: 11-21-06

I was able to resolve my issues last night. The transition from a single DC to a multi DC and back again went very smoothly. It also gave me a chance to redo the computer names a bit more geared towards Battlestar Galactica characters. Sisko has now been renamed to Adama, and is once again the only DC on my home network. I plan to take another server currently in pieces, and put it back into use as a backup server, it will literally be my backup server. This machine will handle physical backups of the other servers and also be an additional DC for my AD network. I hope to have everything finished by the end of the long weekend!]]>

New Holiday project

Since our digital camcorder was stolen earlier this year, I most likely will NOT be doing another holiday video to send to family and friends. However, I do have a nice program called PhotoShow Gold, which can create some very nice fancy picture slideshows. I might try to get some audio recordings from the kids and from Liz and put together some nice slideshows with effects and voice overs. Perhaps by next year we will do another video, or maybe we can borrow someone else’s camcorder for this occasion. Either way, I’ll still be producing something, but not sure yet exactly what it will be.


Its a very convenient little program that lets you post to many different types of blog sites. I personally run my own Nucleus blog server, which w.bloggar interfaces with nicely, but it also supports other servers and web based blog sites. Give it a try, its so nice to easily be able to post to your blog right from a windows app.]]>

SCL Scores in Outlook

I also just found this handy article showing how to reveal the SCL score in Outlook if you use the Intelligent Message Filter in Exchange 2003.?



Very nice Exchange 2003 OWA modification

Today, I came across this article – gives instructions for setting up a modified javascript file for OWA 2003 to enable a new context menu item or two.? What it does, is give you access to the SCL level of incoming messages and also allows you to view message headers through OWA which you could not previously do by default.? I love this simple modification.? If you try it, you'll need to edit the version number in the file itself, as its hard coded with an older version number.? You will find it won't work at all if you don't update this code.?


Cold Season

Its that time of year again, cold season. Although not very cold here in Tampa, FL, its still cold season. I picked something up probably from the kids and now I have a cold. I’m hoping it won’t turn into a major deal and run its course quickly. When you have kids, it seems like its hard to go a month without someone being sick.

Another nice weekend

After a hectic week, we did finally have a nice relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we cleaned up a bit in preparation to have a small party for Michael’s birthday. One of Liz’s sisters came over Late morning on Saturday. There were some delays and we weren’t able to really do anything until after 5pm. We had pizza and cake and ice cream. Michael tore into his cake and made a huge mess. He got to open his presents and go to bed shortly thereafter. Pictures are already posted on our website for Nov 5th under the 2006 album.