Movie review – The five people you meet in heaven

Another movie I got from Netflix, this time something I liked better. The movie entitled “The five people you meet in heaven” based on a novel by Mitch Albom got mixed reviews, but I kinda liked it. Its a story for people who don’t feel like their life matters, and maybe think they don’t really matter or make any difference. Its a story that starts at the end of his life, where he dies trying to save a little girl from an accident at the pier where he works. He goes on to meet five people who are there to teach him something about life and show him that his live wasn’t a waste. Through various means, they go back through his life and show various scenes from his youth, later during the military, and more recent as he aged. This movie has drama, action, romance and an interesting story. Some people complained that its scenes are too long, boring, etc. But its actually a very interesting story, and if your patient enough to watch can be very enjoyable. It also seemed to have some really sad parts, but overall I thought was a very good movie. Its hard to find much info about this film online, some mixed reviews and netflix does have about the best trailer I could find for this film.


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