Monthly Archives: May 2007

Holiday weekend

Our weekend started a little early on Friday, my office closed at 1pm, but because new carpet was being installed, I stayed late to pack up computers and equipment to get it out of the way during the carpet install. So we started at 12:30pm on Friday, and were actually done by 2pm. I got home and found my in-laws had arrived, so we all went to a friend’s community pool. The kids all love to swim and it was a lot of fun. The wayer was a little chilly but only at first. We went home and ordered dominos pizza for dinner. Liz and here mom went to DQ and picked up some dilly bars for us for dessert.

Saturday I worked on web stuff for Liz’s MOPS group and my podcast site. I got most of the MOPS work done, and created a bunch of e-mail accounts. I also got the girls playing with the headset and they recorded some play podcasts for fun. I knew once they put on the headset they wouldn’t be able to put it down. They were fighting (of course) over who got to use the headset next. I posted three of their recordings as podcasts on my blog (look back just a few posts).

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Shoe malfunction

Looks like my work shoes just bit the dust. I knelt down on the floor to work on something and heard a rip. I was pleased to find that it was NOT my pants that had ripped, but my shoes. The leathre is separating from the sole. Looks like I’ll be making a stop by a shoe store on my way home today. Hope these hold out just a few more hours!

Sarah and Abby's Podcasts

Today (in an attempt to cultivate interest in podcastig) I got Sarah and Abby setup with a headset and mic. They walked away from me and started talking. I thought the recordings were cute so I decided to encode them as MP3s and make them available on my blog. I hope to do some podcasting with them in a little more focused discussion! For now, its just pure fun.

Have a question? Ask a Ninja!

These are absolutely funny, I’ve only heard a few, but am definately keeping this one up to date in my podcast collection. Go here for Ask a Ninja!

10 reasons why it doesn't pay to be "the computer guy".

Someone sent me this link today from lifeboot, this is great and worth the read. If only non-technical people would read and understand this…

New Podcasting project

Over the weekend I started a new podcasting project. I’m still developing the site and the content ideas, but you can check it out at

I already published my first podcast, but I am not that happy with it. I’m taking it offline and will re-do the first episode and then re-post once complete. I need to get a better mic and already have all the software I need to make this show really cool.

As a side note, I’d be interested to find a co-host for use in occasionally creating a show. If you are interested, please use the contact me link and let me know.

Finally got clickheat working

I just installed clickheat again on my site, and this time only stuck it on my blog. I couldn’t get this to work for some reason a few weeks ago, but its working great now on my blog. I can’t wait to see whats kind of clicks I get. This is so cool, I’ll post a screenshot soon so you can see what I’m talking about.

new background

I created a new version of my desktop background. Available here for download/viewing.

Issue with Public LAN in Windows – Exchange Clustering

Yesterday I began a demo of a Windows Server 2003 Cluster running an Exchange 2003 virtual server. This is a 2 node active/passive cluster. Everything was fine until I got to the part where I was showing hardware failure and the resulting failover performance. I unplugged the public LAN ethernet cable from the active cluster node. To my dismay and embarrasment the cluster administrator locked up and failover never happened. I was sure I had tested this particular scenario before during the initial setup. After thinking about this a little more I probably tested this with the default cluster during setup, and not after Exchange was up and running. Why would you want to disconnect the public LAN cable right? Well, when tested I discovered that Exchange in a cluster is very sensitive (as it usually is) to losing its public LAN interface. Anytime Exchange (clustered or not) loses connection to AD and DNS, it can hang. Well my problem was cuased by the Exchange 2003 services hanging once public LAN connectivity was lost. I found that the cluster was trying to stop the Exchange services but they were hanging. The cluster can’t failover to the second node until the core Exchange services are stopped and Exchange cluster resources are marked as offline. So because the services were hanging, my cluster would not fail over to the second node.

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Good podcast –

I have been trying to catch up on podcasting lately and have really been enjoying Tech Brief. I watch these podcasts via the democracy player which is very nice and allows me to automatically download any new shows and also manages deletion of older podcasts so I don’t fill up my hard drive. I really like this podcast, and think its fun and informative. I enjoyed the one with Mark Lowrey as a guest, and also Leo Laporte has been on the show via remote interview. Cali Lewis has also been on the screensavers before.

Side note: I was on the screensavers once on a webcam session. I got to talk to Leo Laporte about some server stuff and it was lot of fun. I wish I could do it again, but finding a good question that would be interesting for a wide audience is tough for me, since most of my work is highly technical and of a specific nature.