Monthly Archives: June 2006

Cingular 8125 – and Exchange 2003

WOW, I just got a Cingular 8125 handheld smartphone. I must say that I love it! Its got everything I need to stay “well connected”. I run Exchange 2003 at home for my personal e-mail, so I can sync my new smartphone with my home exchange server with ActiveSync and also get my work email through Goodlink. The goodlink interface on this smartphone is great, its really fast and convenient. Pocket outlook is ok, not as good as goodlink, but very nice none the less. I had some trouble getting active sync setup. I had trouble becuase I had forms based authentication enabled with SSL, which my self signed cert was not trusted by the smartphone by default. I just discovered I could export the cert in DER format and simply open it on my smartphone to import it. This would have cleared up my issue, but I had already purchased a godaddy cert during my troubleshooting process. This is better anyway since now people I host e-mail for in my family won’t get that annoying security prompt now.

Race to Win Video

Sarah was in a performance by the Children’s Choir this past Sunday and did a great job. She was in the front row and was having a great time during the performance. I was able to record the performance, but due to the low light conditions and my distance from the stage, the video is not as good as I wish I could have been. I spend hours last night trying to clip and piece together parts of the video to encode so I can upload it to my website for friends and family to download and view. I also burned it to DVD.