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New Tires

I finally made up my mind about getting tires for the Miata. I had been wanting to do this for a week or so, and all the rain lately motivated me out of concern for Liz. I didn’t want her out driving around with a bald back tire in the rain. I really wanted to get some Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires, but they were almost or over $100 each. So to save a little money, and since I don’t race my Miata (yet), I choose a good compromise tire, I got Kumho ECSTA SPT tires instead. They get almost as good ratings in nearly every category, but they have longer tread life and a more comfortable ride. They were surprisingly cheaper given the ratings and reviews of the tire, I got all 4 for just over $200. I used to get the tires, which will be shipped from a warehouse in Georgia early this week. They are going straight to a tirerack approved installer which isn’t far from my office at work. This will allow me to get a ride over there in the morning and let them do the work, then get dropped off later that day to pick it up. It should be very convenient. I am also going to get an allignment done while I’m there.

List of things for my Miata

Already done:

1. Changed oil and added good synthetic 0W-30 oil. Also used a good performance oil filter.
2. Changed air filter, nothing fancy yet, just a regular STP filter.
3. Purchased replacement top latches (mine were wearing and the passenger side would not latch properly).
4. Replaced factory spark plugs with high end Denso Irridium spark plugs. This eliminated a low idle condition the car previously had. Also get better response from the engine.

Wants for the future:

1. New tires – must do this soon, rear passenger tire is balding. Want to get Goodyear Eagle F1 tires.
2. Performance intake, probably K&N cold air intake.
3. Replace head gasket, there is a small leak and the gasket just needs to be replaced.
4. Spoiler – I just like the look better with a spoiler than without. This will take a while, as I have to find one I like, have it painted, then mounted.
5. Seat replacement – the drivers seat has some cracking of the leather and the passenger seat has a little as well. Would like to replace the seats at some point.
6. New Top – My top is ok, but within a year or two, I’m going to need to replace it with a new top.
7. Detailing – at some point in the near future, I’d like to have the car detailed, to really clean up the inside.
8. Touch-up paint job. Eventually it might be nice to get a touch-up paint job. Its a 7 year old car, so its not going to be perfect.]]>