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Recovery from Identity Theft

My own experience with identity theft is nearly over now, but I’ve learned a few things during this experience.  First, its important to keep a close eye on your bank accounts, watching daily activity and looking for unrecognized charges.  In my case I found that the person using my card had my physical card info including the 3 digit number on the back.  So someone either had physical access to my card, or one of the few only vendors that I deal with that actually asks for the 3 digit code had some kind of security breach that they haven’t alerted me to yet.  So keeping an eye on your accounts is really a key element to protecting yourself and putting a stop to things before it gets out of hand. 

Fortunately we use online banking and have for years now, which is not only convenient but normally allows you to setup e-mail alerts and notifications for various levels of monitoring.  We first found that something was wrong by monitoring our checking account and saw some unrecognized charges.  Someone was buying website memberships and hosting services.  They racked up about $200 worth of charges on my account, but I cought it fast and was able to get all the charges refunded by the charging merchants. 

I was not happy with the way my current bank handled the whole situation.  They made me call the merchants and deal with the process of removing the fradulant charges on my own.  Any other bank when you report fraud they would be all over it, and I probably wouldn’t have had to do a thing.  So we now have a new bank and are in the process of switching everything over. 

I checked my credit report and everything looks fine, so far no one has used my information to get a loan or do anything else bad to my credit. 

A Miata for me!

1. Has to fit in my garage (to prevent theft or vandalism)
2. Had to be more economical than my truck

Those two items limit my selection to just a few types or models of cars. After some searching and research on the few models I had to choose from, the Miata stands out. Its a fun little car, peppy and loads of personality. Plus its much better on gas than my truck. So it meets both of my selection criteria. Then I had to talk Liz into it. It was hard work, laboring in hours of discussion over it. 😉 ha ha, NOT! Liz loved the idea, she practically mandated that the next car I get must be a manual. She likes the miata anyway and loves that its a manual. So looks like I’ll be hunting for just the right Miata once my truck sells. Hopefully it will sell fast. Otherwise I’ll have to get a miata from a dealer and trade in my truck for even less $$ :-(]]>

Automotive vandalism

I am officially the victim of attempted grand theft auto. Last night while I was asleep someone tried to break into my truck (and succeeded this time). They took the faceplate to my radio (not that it will do them much good). They busted up my ignition and broke my ask tray in an attempt to get the dash apart quickly. I don’t think they did anything else except took my garage door opener. I unplugged the garage door opener to protect that entry point from being used in another burgulary. Now I have to change the remote control frequency on the opener itself and on the last remaining remote we have in the van. I almost wish they had stolen it, since there wasn’t anything but a carseat that didn’t belong to us in it. Although I’m sure getting anything from the insurance company would have been a bust too. So now I have to take the truck to some place to get it repaired. My insurance deductable is $500 so I’m sure it will cost about $499 to fix, ha ha. Now I’m thinking security, like installing a wireless camera outside somewhere and getting a flood light. Maybe getting a reasonable auto alarm installed. Just one more thing to deal with, sigh. I can’t wait to move to a better area, only 7 more months to go!