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Holiday Weekend

We had a nice long weekend, since I had President’s day off. Friday night started out I spent most of the night reloading our main computer. I did something dumb (yes I admit it), and had to reload it. I spent Saturday morning continuing to re-install software and re-configure on my home network. Everything is back in place and working fine now by the way.

Saturday we had Dave (previous co-worker) and his wife over for dinner and games. We had grilled chicken and played catch phrase (don’t care for that game too much). It was a nice time and we all had fun.

Sunday, we had more friends over, food and games again. This time they brought over Pizza (was Westshore pizza and very good!). Then we played catch phrase with them and this time I enjoyed it a little more, they were giving me better words. We (the guys) won big time 3 to 1.

Today (Monday), I took Sarah to school in the Miata which is always fun. Its nice riding with my girl in the car! I spent the day taking care of Liz and Abby and Michael as we are all sick to some degree. I also picked up Sarah from school in the Miata and this was even better this time because I could put the top down. It got to be about 60 something today, so it was just right with the sun shining to ride with the top down. Upon getting to her School, someone behind me backed into another car in car-line. Also when we were leaving her school Mr. Twiggs (short for something else which we don’t really know yet), said something funny. As we were pulling out, there was a minivan ahead of us. The lady in the van stopped to say something to Mr. Twiggs who was directing traffic. (Mr. Twiggs is a young guy). As we drove past, he said “this lady said she has Miata envy). Sarah and I both thought that was funny and laughed about it a bit on our way home.

We then went to WalMart to get a few things. I spent a little more than I should have which is my habbit. We didn’t get home till after 4. I heated up some left over pizza for dinner and we just relaxed most of the day. Hopefully we will all get over our illnesses soon. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I really hope this sinus junk goes away.

Daddy night

Last night, I picked up the kids for Liz and took them home so she could go out with one of her friends after a meeting. On my way to pick them up, I went to Duncan Doughnuts and got a dozen as a treat. Of course they were all out of the kind I like, so I got several other kinds. We finally got back to the house after 15 minutes of me trying to track down my kids. Michael had a half a doughnut and then I put him to bed. Abby went to bed at 7:30 and Sarah and I stayed up a little longer and I let her watch a few minutes of Smallville with me. Which ended earlier than I hoped because of a slightly more racy start to this last episode than normal. After the kids were all in bed, I downloaded two episodes of “The Office”. I hadn’t seen it before and its in its more than 3rd season now, but thought I’d check it out. It was funny, not halarious, but an interesting spoof of real office life.

Christmas Video 2006

Much to our delight, the Christmas video for 2006 is complete!!! I was up until 11:30 last night encoding the last of the video and rendering the DVD menu. This is the second annual video we have done and its still a learning curve. I thought things would be a bit more smoothly, but we did run into a few snags. The girls weren’t the most cooperative and we waited until way too late to really do it up the way I had wanted. I did come up with a few last minute ideas that I think made it nice, but its up to the audience to decice. I have 7 separate video sections on this DVD. Aside from the main movie, I added a bloopers section, special features which include auditions with the girls beforehand, and there is a deleted scenes section as well. For a final touch I added a slideshow containing some of the best pictures of 2006. After reviewing the final product, there are many things I would change and improve, but I just don’t have time. I think it came out good and its another step in learning all the software and video techniques. I hope that year to year they will get better and better. The video is sometimes sudden in starting and stopping, which is something I plan to correct next year. The slideshow has some blurry pictures in it, but hey, we have so many pictures, you try to sort through all of them and not go crazy. I also used some new software this year to compile the video, and was able to create a nice DVD menu. I was pleased to find out that the DVD works great, the whole project turned out fairly well and we have time to mail it out to people before Christmas. If I had more time I might be more concerned about it and spend more time tweaking the scenes and correcting a few things, but I’m sure whoever watches it will like it just fine. This year, I show two new additions to our family in the video, Michael of course, but also two nice scenes of my Miata!!!

Sleep Deprevation

Last night I had two major interruptions in my much needed sleep. First, Sarah came into our room (but not sure exactly when) because she said she had a bad dream. I snuggled her up and fell back to sleep. A little later she must have kicked Liz, because I awoke long enough to hear Liz tell Sarah it was time to get back in her bed. Then not long after that, Michael started to cough. It started to sound fairly bad, so Liz went in and checked and he was still asleep, but was just caughing every minutes or so. So I decided I’d go out to the couch to try to sleep (Blessed are the split floor plan home-owners). I got all settled in and Michael caughed again, but his door was still cracked from when Liz went to check on him, so the cough sounded like I was right there in his room. Realizing this was not going to work, I just went in there and got him and brought him out to the couch with me. Anyone who knows Michael knows how wiggly and mobile he is. I didn’t know if he was going to stay with me or not. He laid there for a while, wide eyed and looking all over the room at any light or object he could see. He’d get a little excited and sit up look around a bit, then plop himself back down onto me and seem like he was sleeping for a minute or two, then he’d repeat that whole process. I went out to the couch around 4:30am so from then until a little after 6am, I was awake holding the ever so wirey Michael. It was nice to get some snuggle time, since he doesn’t usually do that much during the day. Although I look forward to getting a full night’s sleep again SOON! yawn….

Another nice weekend

After a hectic week, we did finally have a nice relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we cleaned up a bit in preparation to have a small party for Michael’s birthday. One of Liz’s sisters came over Late morning on Saturday. There were some delays and we weren’t able to really do anything until after 5pm. We had pizza and cake and ice cream. Michael tore into his cake and made a huge mess. He got to open his presents and go to bed shortly thereafter. Pictures are already posted on our website for Nov 5th under the 2006 album.

Fall Festival

Last night we took the kids to the Fall Festival. I couldn’t leave work until 5, so I got home and Liz and the kids were just leaving. Jason came over and went with them as well. I ran in the house and got changed and ate something, then got in my car and met them at the festival. Sarah and Abby rode the ponies again like last year and they played games and got candy. Michael had this really cute lion costume on and Liz painted his nose black with whiskers on his cheeks, he was SOOOO Cute! I’ll try to get Liz to offload the pictures from the camera and get them uploaded to the website soon. I spent most of the night holding a fussy tired Michael, and bashful Abby, but I think they all still had fun.

Last minute change of plans

I took vacation days for Thursday, Friday – Monday and Tuesday to close on our houses and get moved in to the new house. So on Thursday morning I was off of work, Liz and I went to New Tampa and picked up the moving truck. We had purchased several items online and needed to go pick them up, so we headed out to Brandon to pickup our new couch set. We got there and the people were really nice and we had no trouble loading the new set. We left there and tried to find a place to stop and get a money order, because I was a few hundred short of the cash I needed to pay for the next item. We found an Amscot where we were going to try to buy a money order, but we only had a check and credit cards with us. They would not let us buy a money order since they deal strictly with cash. So we went to Lakeland anyway to pickup my new TV!!! I bought a 57″ Hitachi Big Screen. I got a great deal on it, it came with a matching entertainment center too. So there were two guys there at the house we picked it up from who helped us load it onto the truck. It took a while and lots of effort, but we managed to get the TV and entertainment center out of the house and onto the truck. I skinned up a knuckle hauling that monster, since we had to pick it up to get over dips and when moving at angles. We secured the TV to the side of the truck and went on our merry way. We only made it a short distance when we heard loud bang from the back of the truck. We pulled over to find the bungie cords we used had come undone. We re-secured the TV this time with rope and more blankets to protect it from any further impacts. Eventually it settled down and we made it back to Tampa in one piece. But something else happened on our way back to Tampa…

As we were leaving and about to get back on I4 to go home, we were sitting at a traffic light on Florida about to turn onto Memorial to get back to I4. Suddenly lots of police kept zooming by us, probably 10-15 cars, we had no idea what was going on. We saw tons of cops, an ambulance, lots of unmarked cars, and just a lot of police activity. We finally made it onto Memorial and were going down the road when we saw lots of people standing on the sides of the road and more police activity. We made it by the police as they just were coming out to stop traffic. We went a little further and saw motorcycle cops driving up and down the road looking for something. We went on our way and didn’t think much more of it. When we got back to Tampa, we heard what happened. Some guy (they think a drug dealer) shot two police officers and a dog. The dog and one of the police officers died and the other office is in critical condition. Last night there was a $15,000 reward for the capture of this guy. This morning, it was up to $40,000. I just now (at the time of writing this post) heard that they found the guy (think he was hiding in the woods) and they shot and killed him. So we were right there in Lakeland when all this happened just moments after it took place.

So we made it back to Tampa and decided to stop by the new house and drop off our loot into the garage. We were told to call the sellers agent for the code to the keypad of the garage door so we could get inside and unload out things. We tried calling and got her voicemail. We called over and over and were about to give up and leave after being there for about 30 minutes. Liz’s mom had just arrived to pick us up so we could leave the truck there until we heard from the sellers agent, just then the phone rang and it was her with the garage code. So we opened the door and unloaded the TV and entertainment center with the couch we got. Then we took the truck back to our house and were going to start loading more onto the truck. Liz had to leave at 2:30 to pickup Sarah from school, so she ate something quickly and left. Liz’s mom also left around that time. That left me home alone to load the truck. I was going to get as much loaded as I could and take a load to the garage so that when help came later, all we had left to move would be last minute things and the larger items I need help with. Well, once Liz left I got ready to go outside and haul stuff into the truck. I took my keys out of my pockets, and put my cell phone on the desk. I didn’t want to have a lot of stuff on me while moving. So I went outside and closed the door behind me. I didn’t realize until a few minutes later that I had just locked myself out of the house with no keys, no phone and no way back inside until Liz got back. Now Liz had to go take Sarah straight to Amanda’s house so she could watch the kids while we moved stuff. She also had to feed michael before she came back. So Liz didn’t come rescue me from my own stupidity until around 4:20pm. We originally thought that Thursday would be our only moving day since we had to be out of there for closing the next morning. So I was in a rush to get stuff loaded and moved, and was rather distraught that I had lost almost 2 hours of my moving time by locking myself out of the house. So Liz got home, and started to pack up more last minute things and I started loading more stuff onto the truck. I had put some things that were on the back porch in the truck already. Around 4:30 we got a call from our realtor, who said there was a delay on the buyers side and they were looking at a Wednesday closing now. So we had to unload what I had loaded onto the truck already, and help Liz finish getting what she needed. I then took the truck back to New Tampa and dropped it off. Liz took some things to Amanda’s house and they got Pizza for dinner. I got back from New Tampa to Amanda’s house around 8pm. I ate and helped get the kids to bed and left around 9:30. I spent the night alone at our old house since we still had most of our things in there. I didn’t want to leave it all there alone.

I got up this morning and came to work a little early so I could eat breakfast in the break room, since they provide pastries and bagels and such every Friday morning. Liz originally left me some milk so I could have some cereal for breakfast, but forgot to leave me some cereal. So I was stuck at the house with no food. I had a bagel and creme cheese for breakfast along with a yummy cheese danish.

I then got a call this morning from our realtor again with a few updates. Apparently I was not told of two more repairs to our house the buyers wanted done. Now I have to patch one more crack in the garage floor (which is normal in FL for a new house) and replace the air filter in the return on our hallway. The buyer is going to do his walkthrough on Monday while the appraiser is there.

So now we have reserved the moving truck for Saturday and Sunday just in case. Hopefully on Saturday we can get all of our stuff moved out of the house into the garage of the new house. I am meeting my realtor to get the truck at 9am tomorrow morning. This should be a fun weekend! And its killing me, I have that nice 57″ TV sitting in the new garage and no way to play with it until Wednesday! 😦 Maybe I will take my DVD player and some cables with me tonight and hook it up just to see it play. I’m so impatient.]]>

New Pictures uploaded to gallery

Attention! I have uploaded new pictures to the picture gallery. Specifically under the 2006 Album, check todays date, 9-16-06 there are some great pics of me and the girls and of Michael.

Weekend fun

Liz will be away at a MOPS retreat this weekend, from Friday evening to Saturday evening. During this time, I will have all three kids to myself. The plan is for Friday night to have a sleepover in the living room, for the girls and myself that is, Michael will still be in his own room. We’re going to have popcorn and watch a movie and then all of us crash in the living room and sleep there together. It should be fun and I’ll get to catch up on lost time with the girls, since we’ve been so busy the last few weeks. I am not sure what we will do on Saturday yet, but I’m sure we can think up something. Its just a shame we can’t all 4 of us fit in the Miata!!!

Michael Ryan

On Tuesday Nov 1st, Michael Ryan Church was born. He was 7lbs 14oz and 20.5″ long. There are pictures on our main website at just click on pictures. We are in our second week of life with three kids now, so we are trying to adjust to the hectic schedules and all the things that go along with a new baby. Abby and Sarah love being big sisters and I predict they are going to be great to Michael over the years.