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Automated Server Reboots

I wrote an automate task this week that can manage server reboots automatically.  Its a pretty cool task that I’m going to be tweaking now and then to add more streamlined flow to the task and add additional error checking.  Here is a flow chart of the processes in the task…

My Today Screen

I really like my new Tilt from at&t. I’ve added some plugins and tweaks which make this an awesome device. I’ll post more of a thorough review later, but I really love the HTC home plugin. I also have GPS and various other apps that definately make this the most reliable, stable, usable, and fun phone I’ve used to date.


missing my old mower

We were talking about lawn mowers today, and it brought back memories of my old mower. I spend around $8K on that thing, but I sure did love it. John Deere makes a good machine! No need for it now with my small yard, but I remember how much fun this thing was to ride and how accurate and fast it was!

a wii easter egg

I got the bowling training easter egg trick to work last night. Liz and I both tried it, but I managed to get the gold medal and a new record score. Woo hoo!

Sarah's new haircut

Ok, I know this is a bad quality pic, but its all I’ve got right now. Sarah got her hair cut short, and she looks so grown up and smart. Sarah’s Cut

Rainbow in the morning

I saw a nice rainbow in the morning yesterday on my way to work. Snapped a picture of it with my 8125. Click here to view the pic.

Twitter Updates for 2007-07-07

  • Cooling off after cutting the grass, whew its warm sunny and humid! #

Twitter Updates for 2007-07-06

  • trying to thawl my hands, its freezing in my office. I can barely type. #
  • Pondering my life on this planet and my purpose. #
  • Wishing I brought my hat so I could ride with the top down. Too hot today I’d burn my head. #

My son the superhero!

I can’t take credit for this picture, but I love it!


Server Closet picture


Pardon the cable mess, but here is a picture of my server closet. I have two domain controlers (PCs on the left) and one Exchange server (HP desktop on the right laying flat). My FIOS router is on the top left on top of the black HP desktop/server. Right next to that is my Road Runner cable modem (Motorola SBG900). On the bottom shelf, I have a Dell Power Connect 16 port 10/100 switch. My vonage router is at the other end of the lower shelf and just above that is a phone (now the only phone connected to Vonage – until I cancel the service). I will be dropping road runner and Vonage this coming week, so the collection of devices will be reduced by 2 and a few cables will be removed.