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Back to the old routine

The holidays are over, vacation is through, I stink at rhyming…..ummm…..

Seriously, back to the old routine now.  Plenty to do starting out this new year.  Some really neat projects on the horizon for this year, including continued testing and deployment of Office Communications Server 2007, clustered Exchange 2003/2007 servers, new Citrix deployment, and more. 

Favorite time of year

This time of year is one of my favorites! Holidays approaching, cooler weather and more outdoor activities. To be honest, it only gets really hot for about 12 weeks out of the year, most of the rest of the time its perfect here in Tampa! It might get a little chilly at night, but 70’s and low 80’s during the day are the norm.

I had a beautiful sunrise to watch this morning during my drive to work. The sky was clear, and the stars still still visible when I left the house and a cool crisp clean feel to the air greeted me as I left the garage. I watched the sky during my commute, which turned into an awesome shade of blue that enveloped the entire sky. Following this was a large orangeish yellow spot as the sun crept over the horizon. All of this viewed behind the relaxing scene of nicely landscaped palm trees touching the blue sky as I drove by. Sometimes I stop and remember the things that made me stop in awe when I first moved to Tampa. This really is a nice place to live.

Holiday weekend

Our weekend started a little early on Friday, my office closed at 1pm, but because new carpet was being installed, I stayed late to pack up computers and equipment to get it out of the way during the carpet install. So we started at 12:30pm on Friday, and were actually done by 2pm. I got home and found my in-laws had arrived, so we all went to a friend’s community pool. The kids all love to swim and it was a lot of fun. The wayer was a little chilly but only at first. We went home and ordered dominos pizza for dinner. Liz and here mom went to DQ and picked up some dilly bars for us for dessert.

Saturday I worked on web stuff for Liz’s MOPS group and my podcast site. I got most of the MOPS work done, and created a bunch of e-mail accounts. I also got the girls playing with the headset and they recorded some play podcasts for fun. I knew once they put on the headset they wouldn’t be able to put it down. They were fighting (of course) over who got to use the headset next. I posted three of their recordings as podcasts on my blog (look back just a few posts).

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Holiday Weekend

We had a nice long weekend, since I had President’s day off. Friday night started out I spent most of the night reloading our main computer. I did something dumb (yes I admit it), and had to reload it. I spent Saturday morning continuing to re-install software and re-configure on my home network. Everything is back in place and working fine now by the way.

Saturday we had Dave (previous co-worker) and his wife over for dinner and games. We had grilled chicken and played catch phrase (don’t care for that game too much). It was a nice time and we all had fun.

Sunday, we had more friends over, food and games again. This time they brought over Pizza (was Westshore pizza and very good!). Then we played catch phrase with them and this time I enjoyed it a little more, they were giving me better words. We (the guys) won big time 3 to 1.

Today (Monday), I took Sarah to school in the Miata which is always fun. Its nice riding with my girl in the car! I spent the day taking care of Liz and Abby and Michael as we are all sick to some degree. I also picked up Sarah from school in the Miata and this was even better this time because I could put the top down. It got to be about 60 something today, so it was just right with the sun shining to ride with the top down. Upon getting to her School, someone behind me backed into another car in car-line. Also when we were leaving her school Mr. Twiggs (short for something else which we don’t really know yet), said something funny. As we were pulling out, there was a minivan ahead of us. The lady in the van stopped to say something to Mr. Twiggs who was directing traffic. (Mr. Twiggs is a young guy). As we drove past, he said “this lady said she has Miata envy). Sarah and I both thought that was funny and laughed about it a bit on our way home.

We then went to WalMart to get a few things. I spent a little more than I should have which is my habbit. We didn’t get home till after 4. I heated up some left over pizza for dinner and we just relaxed most of the day. Hopefully we will all get over our illnesses soon. I have to go back to work tomorrow so I really hope this sinus junk goes away.

Back to School

Today was Sarah’s first day back to school after the long holiday break. I took off the two work days before the Christmas weekend and then had a long New Years weekend. We got to spend a lot of time together as a family and did a lot of different things. We had a nice Christmas at home and went to a friend’s house for New Years. Saturday before New Years we had some people over and played a game and let our kids play. I get spoiled with times like that. We get used to being together again as a family and then have a hard time adjusting to a schedule again, where Sarah is off to School, and Liz has her things that she does and life just gets hectic! I don’t think we are the kind of family mentioned in that Christmas song that says “And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again”. We love being together and when we are not, we miss each other. When I get home from work, my little Abby says, “Daddy, I missed you at work”. They come running up to me for a hug as soon as I walk in the door. Those are the kinds of things that make life fulfilling.

Holiday Prep

Overall we had a nice relaxing weekend. Liz did some photography work for a friend and we got some house cleaning done on Saturday, only to be completely destroyed again by the end of Sunday night. Sarah sent her first e-mail this weekend which was nice, I setup a mailbox for her on my server for her to use to get more familiar with typing and using e-mail. Liz sent her the first e-mail message, and while Liz was out for a bit on Sunday afternoon, I let Sarah sit on my lap and she pecked out her first e-mail. She even clicked the send button on her own. Sarah already has an amazing grasp on how to use a mouse, now we are going to work with her on the keyboard.]]>

Annaversary Weekend

Liz and I just had our 8th Annaversary (technically yesterda). But we celebrated last weekend. We got a free two night stay at a local Inn and went out to dinner. I took Liz to the California Pizza Kitchen in the International Mall. We had some really good Pizza and a nice relaxing time. We only stayed one night at the hotel because the kids were sick and Liz ended up getting sick that first night as well. We did manage to squeeze in some requetball for about 30 minutes or so before returning home. It was a nice 4.5 day holiday weekend for us, so we tried to make the best of it. It was nice to relax, even though things didn’t go quite how we had hoped.

New Holiday project

Since our digital camcorder was stolen earlier this year, I most likely will NOT be doing another holiday video to send to family and friends. However, I do have a nice program called PhotoShow Gold, which can create some very nice fancy picture slideshows. I might try to get some audio recordings from the kids and from Liz and put together some nice slideshows with effects and voice overs. Perhaps by next year we will do another video, or maybe we can borrow someone else’s camcorder for this occasion. Either way, I’ll still be producing something, but not sure yet exactly what it will be.