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Monday night shows

Admittedly Liz and I are hooked on a few shows, specifically Heroes and Journeyman that come on Monday nights.  I also like Chuck, but thats more of a geek/tech show so Liz isn’t as interested in that one.  Heroes last night was awesome, yes slightly predictible but still a great story and an episode that gave more answers to questions raised in previous episodes. 

***SPOILER***  I did know what was going to happen when HRG (Noah) was shot in the eye, and was not surprised at the end to see the blood bring HRG back to life and fix his eye. 

Journeyman was good, the previews for next week look awesome.  The whole interaction with Dan and his brother Jack are very interesting and the characters are really starting to develop well.

Heroes Season 2

I watched the Heroes Season 2 premiere on Monday night. It was long anticipated, and I thought it was a pretty good episode. They answered a lot of questions that they ended with last season. This latest episode had some interesting plot twists and character development. Of course, Peter and Nathan aren’t dead, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the “evil mother” was behind having Peter put in that storage container. I guess we’ll see next week.

New Glasses

The time has come once again for me to get new glasses. Last time I got new glasses I spent way too much money and didn’t even get a pair of frames that I liked. I think this time, I am going to try to find a way to take someone with me and help me pick out a pair of frames that look good. Maybe I should get a stylin’ pair like H.R.G on Heroes 🙂 NOT! They look OK on him, but I think something a bit more moden will be good for me. I want to get laser vision correction, but probably won’t do that for a few years or so, due to financial issues (since its expensive). And the Lasik people had the nerve to tell me I have large pupils! Which of course means I need the most expensive package! Oh well, for now I just hope to find a good pair of frames that look good on me. Its just hard to pick out a good pair on my own, since I can’t see without my glasses, and none of the frames on display have real lenses in them. So its like a blind man trying to funble around in the dark. Hopefully this time it will work out better! I am planning to go some place like Lenscrafters or something to see what I can find.

Heroes last night

Liz and I watched Heroes last night, and I must say I feel like it was a simple filler episode. It had some things that were interesting, but it was a lot of character filler. The previews for last night were actually the previews for next week (at least I hope). So it was a little deceiving.

Surprise Weekend

This is going to be a rather long story. Its a tale of surprise and fun.

It all started on Thursday evening while I was at work. I was working on a server migration project involving Goodlink, when things took a turn for the worse. I was on the phone with Goodlink support almost all day. I was having a terrible time getting things to work properly, and ended up having to stay super late on Thursday, I didn’t leave the office until 11pm. I get in to work around 7:45am or so every weekday, so I was at work from 7:45am until 11m, which makes for a very long day! I finally got things stabalized with the help of Goodlink support and started on my way home. Once I got home, around 11:30pm, I walked in the door, hungry (since I hadn’t eaten anything) and tired (obviously), and so I sat down next to Liz who was sitting on the couch. I leaned over to give her a hello kiss, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye that startled me. It was my borhter Jeremy who’s hand was reaching up towards me in an attempt to surprise me! I jumped up off the couch in surprise and realized it was him. They were totally playing me and had even more surprised in store for me.

We talked for a bit and got a snack and a drink and finally went to bed around 12:30am. The next morning we got up around 8 or so, and I was still in bed when there was a ring at the doorbell. I had a suspicion as to who it might be, but Liz asked me to get the door, so I did and found my mom standing out on the porch. Turned out they had both flown in that Thursday morning and spent the day with Liz and the kids. I had to work late so it totally screwed up their surprise plans and they had to completely change around what they were going to do. So we got to spend the whole weekend (I took Friday off too) with my mom and Jeremy. Click more or the post title to read more about the weekend…
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Star Trek references in Heroes

On Monday night’s Heroes episode, they showed a license plate for a car that drove George Takei around in the episode. He played Hiro’s dad, but in this one shot they showed the license plate of the car. I didn’t see it at first, but Liz noticed it briefly and got all excited. So the next day we downloaded the episode and check and sure enough, there it was. The license plate read, NCC 1701. Very cute, and a nice tribute to a Star Trek character in the show. They have made references to Star Trek before in the first few episodes in scenes with Hiro.

Monday night

Last night I watched several shows that had new episodes. First, I downloaded BSG from Sunday night and watched it, it is really bad quality but I still watch it. Then we watched Heroes which was good, we both like that show. Then we watched some behind the scenes stuff from LOTR that talked about how they did the angles to make the different races seem taller or shorter than others. Very interesting stuff!

Overnight, Abby woke up early, not sure what time it was when she came into our room. I had her come around to my side of the bed and pulled her up with me. She always sleeps so good when we snuggle! I don’t sleep well, she was laying on my arm and I probably only dozed on and off the whole night. Right about the time I start sleeping relaly well, the alarm goes off and its time for me to get up. We let Abby sleep in a little this morning in our bed, while we ate breakfast and got ready to go.

Lord of the Rings

   It may be hard for some of you to immagine, but I’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Well, I have recently succome to pressure on multiple fronts to finally sit down and watch it.  Friday night, I went to a friend’s house and watched the first movie.  We started aroun 7:20 and finished after 11.  I thought it was an interesting story and noticed lots of familiar actors and even some from Star Trek.  The effects were great, and the characters were good. Then, last night (Sunday night), I watched the second movie, and spent another 3.5 hours watching this story unfold.  I thought the second one was good too, it seemed to have more action and battle scenes and a lot more character development.  The effects were still great and since they filmed all 3 movies in order over 18 months, there was a great sense of continuity, since the characters weren’t obviously aging as the movies progress.  I have not yet watched the third movie, but plan to shortly.  Liz is even starting to watch them with me.  I better watch them all soon, or I won’t have much time.  Some other shows I like are soon to come back on with new episodes.  It won’t be long now before BSG and Heroes starts back up.


Almost forgot to mention that I was finally able to get Liz to watch Heroes with me last night. We watched the first and second episodes and she said she liked it. Its nice to be able to enjoy something together.]]>

My amazing handyman abilities!

When we bought our house the existing dishwasher was tested and found to work. Upon moving in, we found out that the test that was run on the dishwasher was the last time it would run. So we were in need of a new dishwasher. Unfortunately, none of the nearby home improvement places had any reasonable prices for a new dishwasher. So Liz got on the computer and checked craigslist and freecycle. She found an ad on freecycle for a like new dishwasher and sent an e-mail asking about it. We ended up getting it and as soon as I got home last night I went to pick it up. I single handedly lifted the monstros beast into the back of the van and proceeded on my way home to install it.

I’d like to say that when I got home I unloaded it and immediately began to install it. I disconnected the old one and easily connected the new dishwasher and found no problems. I did it all by myself and with no external assistance. Thats what I’d like to say. The truth is that I had to call Ray (my handly master plummer father-in-law), on several (ok – many) issues I encountered. First, I didn’t see how the water line on the old dishwasher would connect to the new one. Then I didn’t see how the drain hose would work with the new one. Then I realized I had to hand wire the electrical leads to power the thing. Ray calmly opened my eyes to the simplistic answers to all my questions and with a good understanding of how it all works, I got to work. I was able to get the old one out with relatively no problems. Although my kitchen floor got quite a bath as there were several inches of water that was stuck inside the old dishwasher. Then the power cord got wraped around one of the legs and Liz had to help me get it off while I lifted the unit off the floor. Out to the front porch it went and is where it still sits. We’ll probably list it on freecycle or dispose of it through the county.

Ok now the fun part. I started to connect the new dishwasher to the electric, water and drain. First, I decided to attach the copper adapter needed to connect the water line to the new dishwasher. I was doing good until the last 1/2 turn of the adapter when I heard a loud “Snap”. Turns out I broke the electric valve that controlls the water intake to the dishwasher. I tried to be McGuyver and used duct tape to seal it back together, but this didn’t do much to hold back the flood waters that came out of the water line when I opened the valve under the sink. Liz and I ordered a new intake valve online lat night. Actually she found it online and found the best price for it while I was watching Heroes on TV.

So we have a dishwasher now that didn’t cost us anything, its in good shape, and the only cost so far is the price of the new intake valve that we have to get because I don’t know my own strength. Ok, because I was foolishly holding onto the wrong area of the valve while turning on the copper line adapter with my wrench. 🙂

This all reminds me of another story. This has to do with a GFCI electrical outlet. Our home inspection also said there was a faulty GFCI outlet in the garage that probably controlled both bathrooms. Which we found was correct (you’ll see why in a minute). I went to Lowes and bought a new GFCI outlet and attempted to install a new one. A word to the wise, make sure you check out the wiring pattern before you disconnect the old outlet. If you have ever done electrical, you know what I’m talking about. So I put the new one in and wire it up, which is a major pain by the way, since the wires are very high grade and solid copper. I got it all put back in the wall and turned the power to the outlet back on at the breaker box and went to test. I had power to the outlet itself, but both bathrooms were dead. I didn’t find out my bathroom outlets were dead until later that night when I went to plug something into my bathroom outlet. So just before bed I run back out in the garage and take it all apart again. I tried several wiring patterns and just could not get that new outlet to work for the bathrooms. I ended up having to put the old one back in, but not until I had wired and re-wired about 6 times. Once I put the old outlet back in, all the outlets worked just fine. The GFCI protection may not work, but at least I have power to the three outlets.