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Sarah's new haircut

Ok, I know this is a bad quality pic, but its all I’ve got right now. Sarah got her hair cut short, and she looks so grown up and smart. Sarah’s Cut

Sarah's first day of second grade

Today, Sarah starts her first day of second grade. She is excited about it and looking forward to meeting new kids and making new friends. We got to meet her new teachers last week and they are both (she has two) very nice and made us feel very relaxed about the new change in her schooling. I am sure Liz will get some pictures today, so I’ll try to post them online soon. Sarah also got a new haircut this weekend, and its much shorter now, but makes her look so grown up and smart. She is such a great kid and I’m proud of her. I am sure it will take her no time at all to make some new friends since she is so friendly and outgoing. I can’t wait to get home tonight and hear all about her day.

Close haircut

I just got a really close haircut, which makes it all the more obvious that I am not escaping the natural results of years of family genetics when it comes to my hair whats left of my hair. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and stick to shorter cuts and see how things go. I’ll look like Jean Luc Picard in no time at this rate. 🙂