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Another Cold Day!

It was 29 degrees this morning when I walked out the door to go to work.  Its going to be another chilly day.  Fortunately, the worst is over and we will be warming back up to the upper 70s by the weekend.  I heard that there were snow flurries reported in Daytona Beach this morning.  I look forward to the warmth to return and this cold snap to move on to another area.

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Its cold outside!

48 degrees in Tampa right now.  A few years ago, I’d argue that this temperature was not cold.  Now that I’ve adjusted to the Florida climate, I have to admit, its freezing cold!!!  I nearly froze in my shoes walking outside without a jacket today.  Fortunately, this mini-winter won’t last long, we will be back up to the near 80s or so by the weekend or beginning of next week. 

Catching up

Its been a busy two weeks and I have not posted much to my blog lately. So here is an update starting with the weekend we went to Orlando…

On Saturday October 6th we drove up to Orlando and stayed at the Hilton resort at Disney. My aunt and uncle put us up at the hotel to spend some time with them while they were in town for a conference. We got to the hotel sometime around 4:30 or so. We grabbed some dominos pizza for dinner and Liz’s sister Christina came over to visit for a while. My aunt and uncle arrived later that night and we visited for a while until after midnight.

Sunday we got up and went out to breakfast at a waffle house. Once we were done eating we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go to Downtown Disney. On the way back to the hotel, we saw an IHOP which we would have all preferred, but didn’t know was right there. We got back to the room and got ourselves ready to go and walked over to the Downtown Disney marketplace. We walked around a little and let the kids play at the lego store and checked out some neat things they had setup on the street.

The kids rode a train around a little, and we got some cute pictures of that. They also rode a merry-go-round which they always love. Then we headed over ot the Rain Forrest cafe for lunch. That place is really neat, and has a unique atmosphere and awesome decorations and effects. Every 30 minutes there is a thunderstorm and the animals go wild and they flash lights, etc. Its a lot of fun, the staff are friendly and the food was good.

We walked around a little more and ultimately headed back to the hotel to go swimming. The kids and uncle David beat us all down to the pool, and when I got there, they were already in the water. I tested the water with my toe and found it a little cold for my liking, so I took advantage of the cool breeze and occasional sun to get a little rest on a lounge chair. I had just started to doze while the kids were playing in the pool, when I was awaken by the sensation of rain drop on my face. We got our stuff together and herded the kids under an umbrella and got ourselves ready to go back into the hotel. We got back to the room and changes and visited a little more, and by this time it was after 5pm, so we decided to get ready to go soon. I think we left close to 6 or so, and the rain actually stopped which was good, because traffic would have been slow if it had kept raining. We were home before 7 and got to crash for a bit before getting all the kids off to bed.

Then this past weekend, the 13th and 14th, we actually had a nice productive time at home. Liz and I got a good amount of yard work done and trimmed bushes and cleaned up, which was good. Sunday we spent the bulk of the afternoon at Bonnie Brae park in Temple Terrace, hanging out with friends and letting our kids play. It was a very nice evening and the weather was perfect! The kids played on the playground, and the adults visited and played with their kids. It was very relaxing.

Sunday morning I had a problem with my new phone (the tilt). I set my phone to vibrate in the morning and later it went off so I pulled it out of the holster to check and the screen was all washed out and practically un-usable. I tried to call AT&T about it, but the office I needed to talk to was closed until Monday. So Monday I called and they are sending me a replacement, which I should have by tomorrow (Wednesday). I hope this is not a bad batch of phones and just a strange fluke with the individual unit I received.

Getting sick

Started to feel sick last Wednesday, a few minor sinus issues, etc. By Thursday, I had a slight sore throat. Friday, I felt like I had a head cold. Saturday felt a little worse. Sunday I lost my voice and got a worse sore throat. Monday I called in sick because I couldn’t talk and felt terrible. Tuesday I called in sick again because I still couldn’t talk and felt terrible. I went to a doctors walk in clinic and found that I had an upper respiratory infection. They have me an antibiotic and a nasal spray and said I could take Mucinex. Today (Wednesday – one week from day one of all this) I am feeling better, my voice has returned good enough to talk fairly normally, and I think in a few days I’ll be back to my old self again. My sore throat is all but gone, but I still have some sinus problems to deal with.

I hate getting sick

Did I mention I hate getting sick? Well I do! When you have kids, it seems nearly impossible for everyone to remain well for more than a few months. Now I got another head cold. Liz and I are both still sick with pretty much the same thing. Sarah has something similar as well. I’m hoping it will be gone for all of us by the weekend, because its supposed to be beautiful!

Beautiful Morning

How refreshing, I got up this morning and drove to work, and got out of my car to find the temperature in the near perfect range (for me). Its been so chilly lately, I’d say cold, but after days of this cold, its finally warming up again. How nice it feels, how soothing the gentle breeze is, ahhhhhh. It won’t be long now and I can ride in my Miata with the top down again… Oh its been sooooo long!

Kids are always sick

Sunday morning Abby woke up early not feeling well. I ended up staying with her most of the day and she did end up getting pretty sick. By afternoon she was feeling a little better, but still didn’t eat much. She must have picked up some kind of stomach bug or something, because this morning she seems much better. Sarah has been sick for the past two days now, she has a cold or something, with a stuffy nose and deep cough. Seems like when you have kids, someone is always sick.

Cold Season

Its that time of year again, cold season. Although not very cold here in Tampa, FL, its still cold season. I picked something up probably from the kids and now I have a cold. I’m hoping it won’t turn into a major deal and run its course quickly. When you have kids, it seems like its hard to go a month without someone being sick.

List of things for my Miata

Already done:

1. Changed oil and added good synthetic 0W-30 oil. Also used a good performance oil filter.
2. Changed air filter, nothing fancy yet, just a regular STP filter.
3. Purchased replacement top latches (mine were wearing and the passenger side would not latch properly).
4. Replaced factory spark plugs with high end Denso Irridium spark plugs. This eliminated a low idle condition the car previously had. Also get better response from the engine.

Wants for the future:

1. New tires – must do this soon, rear passenger tire is balding. Want to get Goodyear Eagle F1 tires.
2. Performance intake, probably K&N cold air intake.
3. Replace head gasket, there is a small leak and the gasket just needs to be replaced.
4. Spoiler – I just like the look better with a spoiler than without. This will take a while, as I have to find one I like, have it painted, then mounted.
5. Seat replacement – the drivers seat has some cracking of the leather and the passenger seat has a little as well. Would like to replace the seats at some point.
6. New Top – My top is ok, but within a year or two, I’m going to need to replace it with a new top.
7. Detailing – at some point in the near future, I’d like to have the car detailed, to really clean up the inside.
8. Touch-up paint job. Eventually it might be nice to get a touch-up paint job. Its a 7 year old car, so its not going to be perfect.]]>

Fun driving

I am having so much fun driving my new car! I’ve never had a roadster before and this little Miata is amazing. It corners great, handles well and even with my bad back tire, still makes much better contact with the road than my truck did in rainy conditions. Last night I went to Autozone to get some stuff and came out and it was pouring. Good thing I put the top up! I’ll be putting in some Iridium plugs this afternoon and changing the oil to a nice synthetic 0W-30 tonight. This should be a nice combination for my little car! I’m thinking about adding a K&N Cold Air intake to my engine and replacing the standard intake/air filter system. I also need to replace the head gasket soon. This is great fun, its been several years since I’ve done my own car maintenance, but I’m enjoying it!