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at&t HTC 8525 phone buttons not working

Recently saw an issue where a user with an 8525 had problems with the phone buttons, where they would just stop working.  A little google search revealed that other people have had this issue, ROM version didn’t make any difference and it seemed to be sporadic.  This forum on the cingular website had a post by a user who said to slide open the keyboard, and loosen the screw on the back of the keyboard closest to the navigation buttons.  I initially completely overlooked the word “loosen” and asked the user to tigten the screws on the back.  After this was done, the phone buttons worked perfectly.  Then I re-read the forum post and realized the recommendation was to actually loosen the screws.  I don’t personally buy the overheating explanation, but slightly tightening the screws resolved it for us this time. 

Vacation Summary

We are finally back from Vacation (actually got back on Tuesday evening). We had a nice relaxing time (mostly) and it was nice to see family and friends and places we haven’t seen in a few years. Now lets see if I can remember a few highlights…

My favorite part was playing badminton for over 6 hours straight. I think it was Saturday we had a family get togther and a cookout, after everyone ate, we started playing and it was a lot of fun. It was a little disappointing at how easy it was to beat Ray and Jeremy, I expected more competition than what I saw out there. Liz got some great shots of me playing, and they are available in the picture gallery.

We went blueberry picking (actually I took the kids to the field) and we picked over 13 pounds of blue berries. They were $1.50 a pound, so I spent almost $20, but boy were they good!!! I probably ate about 6 pounds by myself the first day we got them.

The kids played in a stream down a dirt road, and rode bikes through it. My kids loved it and enjoyed getting wet and muddy. At one point Abby had to go to the bathroom while we were all at the stream, so I carried her on my back all the way back to the house and helped her, and then we drove back to the stream in Uncle Jam’s car. I stuck Abby up through the sunroof so thats the first thing they’d see as we drove up. Then on the way back, I had Michael ride with me, I drove Jam’s car in reverse all the way back to the house with Michael in my lap, I had to hold the steering wheel tightly as Michael was trying to “steer” with me.

Overall our flights up and back were very good, no bumps or problems. When we got to the Tampa airport, our main bag was 3 pounds over weight. They made us take out 3 pounds. So Liz took her purse out and shoved some shoes in there to get through check-in. The girls were great on the flights, only bugged me a bit about pushing the seat’s recline button, they really wanted to push it bad, so I told them it was to push if you wanted to take a nap, then they weren’t really interested anymore. They watched a movie on my laptop on the way there.

We forgot Michael’s stroller on the way back, so Liz used the snug carrier thing that straps onto you, and carried Michael that way, which worked out good on the plane.

We rented a van from Budget on the way from Dover to Newark to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We got a nice Dodge Grand Caravan which was very comfortable. We had a nice visit with them as well and I ended up staying up really late talking “tech” with David.

Leaving Philly on Tuesday, our plane was delayed a little getting in, and had to wait in line for about 30 minutes before we could leave. So there was a little delay getting back home. Mike picked us up in their van and brought us home, which was nice.

While staying with my mom, we basically had no cell service, so it was a little disturbing to be so disconnected for the first day or two. After that I got used to it and it was actually nice not to be glued to my phone all day. I almost forgot how relaxing that is. I was joking around telling people that we have these nice GSM quad band world phones that will work in Austrailia, the UK and abroad, but we can’t even use them in Delaware! Cingular has good signal in the major areas, but service in the rural areas is really bad. Verizon by far is the better carrier in the north east. Now that Cingular is the new at&t, maybe that will improve over time.

Overall our trip was good, it was good to see old faces and places and catch up with people. We got lots of good pictures and had a relaxing time. However, it is still a difficult thing to travel with small kids, so I hope not to have to travel like that again for at least 5 years!!! 🙂

Liz's new phone

For the first time in our cell phone history, we were able to take advantage of a cell phone upgrade offer from Cingular. Liz’s line was now ellibible for a new cell phone upgrade. We went online and checked out the various models and both picked out the LG CU400. It was totally free aside from an $18 activation fee. Its a nice little phone, a bit thicker than the RAZR but had most of the same features and was actually lighter with more talk time. We’ve had some quality issues with her RAZR and the battery was going bad. So it was the perfect time for an upgrade. I received the package from Cingular yesterday and got it all charged and setup. When I got home from work she had me transfer her custom ringtone and display picture to the new phone. I was able to transfer all her contacts from her RAZR to her new 3G SIM and then put it back in the new phone and transferred the contacts from the SIM to the phone. I gave her a quick tutorial on how to use it and she was set. While the RAZR is a cool phone, it was time to make a change. My phone is elligible for an upgrade at the end of the month, I wonder if I’ll get to pickup a new device? 🙂

My blog for mobile devices

Today I activated a plugin for Word Press that will let you read my blog on a mobile device. I tested it on my Cingular 8125 and it works great. You don’t have to do anything special to get to it, just go to my blog page and it will detect your browser version and automatically display the mobile version if you are using a mobile device. I love this stuff!

Recent tech delights

1. Server 2003 clustering with Exchange virtual cluster. All on HP equipment, including MSA1500 SAN, redundant fibre channel switches and DL580 servers. Was able to run several tests and everything worked perfectly.

2. Spam filter changes. Currently I'm using an unlimited license of NoSpamToday for servers from Their spam filtering product has been great for my company in general, but spamassassin takes a great deal of tweaking and configuration, so I've been digging through perl type code going through and adding my own filters. I recently added a keyword filter which I generated by hand based on reports from NST on mail that made it through. I ran it all weekend and spam rates are down. I can't wait to see the log tomorrow and see what effect it had on spam rates in general on a normal working day.

3. Exchange 2007. I downloaded a VHD of Microsoft Exchange 2007 to play around with. I like the new interface, but its going to take some getting used to, since they moved everything around. There are also some new things I'm going to have to read up on before actually working with it in a live test. Overall I think its good, and can't wait to test it more.

4. Server 2003 R2. I've been able to setup R2 for Server 2003 and use some of the new file server tools. I love the new reporting, and file server management tools that are now available.

5. This isn't a new thing, but I am really enjoying ActiveSync and DirectPush on my Cingular 8125. Its awesome to have full connectivity to both my company e-mail system through Goodlink and my personal e-mail system at home. I've only had small setup issues in the beginngin with this, but its been working great for me for a few months now. If I ever lose this ability, I'm going to feel like I'm missing my right arm or somethign…

Thats it for now.]]>

Cingular 8125 – and Exchange 2003

WOW, I just got a Cingular 8125 handheld smartphone. I must say that I love it! Its got everything I need to stay “well connected”. I run Exchange 2003 at home for my personal e-mail, so I can sync my new smartphone with my home exchange server with ActiveSync and also get my work email through Goodlink. The goodlink interface on this smartphone is great, its really fast and convenient. Pocket outlook is ok, not as good as goodlink, but very nice none the less. I had some trouble getting active sync setup. I had trouble becuase I had forms based authentication enabled with SSL, which my self signed cert was not trusted by the smartphone by default. I just discovered I could export the cert in DER format and simply open it on my smartphone to import it. This would have cleared up my issue, but I had already purchased a godaddy cert during my troubleshooting process. This is better anyway since now people I host e-mail for in my family won’t get that annoying security prompt now.

BrightHouse all the way

I finally bit the bullet so to speak. For a year now we have had DirecTV for TV and Road Runner for internet access. Yesterday, I called and ordered Brighthouse service for both TV and internet. I will be getting Digital Cable, HD and DVR for less than I was paying for both DirecTV and RR. The installer will be here on Friday and I will be home that day to play with my new toys. I know that the DVR won’t be as good as the Tivo I had with DirecTV, but now that I have my DVD recorder and can easily still plan my recordings for a week in advance, I have no problems switching. I will certainly miss tivo, as its the best out there, but with cable I get more for my money at this point. Soon Verizon will be offering FIOS TV and internet in my area. When this comes out, I plan to order service with them as well, and try it for 30 days. Their services are cheaper yet, and also offer more for the money. If FIOS turns out to be as good as it sounds, I’ll likely make the switch to all Verizon FIOS. I surprise myself with this, since I can’t stand Verizon. I had cellular and home phone service with them for years, and had nothing but blunder after blunder with them. When I moved to Tampa, I got rid of Verizon and switched to Cingular, which has also turned out to have a few blunders of their own. As a side note, I turned down the higher speed increase to 10MB down on the internet now that I’ll be a digital combo customer. My goal here was to save money and get more value for what I was paying. Getting the increased speed would have cost me more than what I was paying before, so I declined that option. However over the next few months I’ll have to see how it goes, perhaps I can convince Liz to let me upgrade afterall.