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Update to TILT review

Ok, I did more testing this weekend and have found the following relating to the TILT by at&t. 

 1. I thought the camera was pretty bad, but found that if you give the room proper lighting, it actually works well and takes ok pictures for a phone.  Same goes for video, the video was choppy and really bad with the frame rates, until I discovered that if I had good lighting in the room I was recording in, the video also looked pretty good. 

2. The HTC Home plugin was causing my phone to switch to vibrate on its own at what I thought was a random schedule, however it turns out that any time I had a calendar items that marked me as busy, it would set the device to vibrate even if the “auto” setting wasn’t being used.  This was very annoying, and I was able to find a different build of the HTC home plugin in the xda developers forums to get rid of this issue.  Only now the plugin seems a little hesitant to start up after a reboot, I have to go into my today settings and tap ok again to make the plugin appear.  Minor complaint, since the vibrate issue is fixed.

 3. I highly recommend the Kaiser Tweak app from xda, it quickly lets you apply many tweaks to the phone.

4. The HHC Home plugin customizer is a must!  It makes configuring the home plugin much easier and quickly helps you customise your icons and other options. 

Fall Festival

Last night we took the kids to the Fall Festival. I couldn’t leave work until 5, so I got home and Liz and the kids were just leaving. Jason came over and went with them as well. I ran in the house and got changed and ate something, then got in my car and met them at the festival. Sarah and Abby rode the ponies again like last year and they played games and got candy. Michael had this really cute lion costume on and Liz painted his nose black with whiskers on his cheeks, he was SOOOO Cute! I’ll try to get Liz to offload the pictures from the camera and get them uploaded to the website soon. I spent most of the night holding a fussy tired Michael, and bashful Abby, but I think they all still had fun.

Home break-in

Sadly, on Sunday morning (Aug 27th) our home was broken into while we were not home. The thieves got away with my work laptop (which is a major inconvenience). They also got Liz’s digital camera, our Mini-DV Camcorder, some jewelry and some other small items. All in all about $3,500 worth of stuff was taken. I am going to talk to my homeowners insurance company and see if there is any way it would be worth it to file a claim and try to get some of that stuff replaced. However, I think the deductible is going to be too high, but we’ll see. I’ve added some new security measures to at the very least assist in catching the people involved if this ever happens again. At least they didn’t get my Miata!!!

Picture gallery is now CURRENT!!

You will notice the albums are sorted by year, then by month or date. Some special events are individually labeled. This should make things slightly easier than before. There are now over 3,218 pictures in our gallery, dating all the way back to 2002 when Liz got her first digital camera. Soon I will also be scanning in some of Sarah’s art work for your viewing pleasure.]]>

Automotive vandalism

I am officially the victim of attempted grand theft auto. Last night while I was asleep someone tried to break into my truck (and succeeded this time). They took the faceplate to my radio (not that it will do them much good). They busted up my ignition and broke my ask tray in an attempt to get the dash apart quickly. I don’t think they did anything else except took my garage door opener. I unplugged the garage door opener to protect that entry point from being used in another burgulary. Now I have to change the remote control frequency on the opener itself and on the last remaining remote we have in the van. I almost wish they had stolen it, since there wasn’t anything but a carseat that didn’t belong to us in it. Although I’m sure getting anything from the insurance company would have been a bust too. So now I have to take the truck to some place to get it repaired. My insurance deductable is $500 so I’m sure it will cost about $499 to fix, ha ha. Now I’m thinking security, like installing a wireless camera outside somewhere and getting a flood light. Maybe getting a reasonable auto alarm installed. Just one more thing to deal with, sigh. I can’t wait to move to a better area, only 7 more months to go!

New Digital Camera – Kodak Z740

I got Liz a new digital camera for her birthday (ok, its for me too ;-)) Its a Kodak Z740, 5MP, 10X optical zoom, 512MB SD Card. Its nice! Takes great pictures and I’m very impressed. Check out the specs here –;jsessionid=HCDOMY3KK2Q3ZFW4FBBHWEEW1YUEK4L4?pq-path=6547&pq-locale=en_US&_requestid=10091

I’ve posted a few of the new pics using this camera on our website in the picture gallery.