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I almost got run over by a schoolbus!

I almost got smashed by a schoolbus at lunch today. Well it wasn’t my fault! I stopped in the right hand lane in slow traffic to let a car turn in front of me coming from the other direction, and when I looked up into my rear view mirror, I saw the grille of a school bus pummeling towards me. The driver slammed on his brakes and came within probably millimeters of hitting my trunk. He was either tailgating me or driving way too fast and not watching where he was going. I thought I was going to get hit! Then he lays on his horn like its my fault! And as I turned off the road, he drove past and honked at me again! At that point I wanted to stop my car in the middle of the road, walk out there and get up in his window and demand his name, bus number and license plate info. I hate to see that kind of stuff, these people drive vehicles full of kids! I felt like practicing some Steven Segal moves I saw in a movie! 🙂

So Hillsborough County bus drivers beware! I’m fed up now, and will take extra effort to write down your info and file formal complaints. Grrrr!

Just brakes update

I received another phone call from the manager at the Just Brakes branch where I experienced the near disaster of the brakes on my van failing completely. He too was apologetic and said he would make sure things like this didn’t happen again at his end and also said he too would follow up with the branch nearer to our house and see why they wouldn’t help us out. He also said he wanted to keep me as a customer and offered me a 25% discount on the other work they said my van needed. So let me think about this, they very nearly could have caused the death of my entire immediate family, and to make it up to me they only offer me a 25% discount…. I don’t think thats going to cut it. Not to mention I’ll never set foot in that place again for any of my automotive needs.

Its just the brakes

This past Monday I had to take our van to a brake shop to get new breaks installed. I was surprised to find the brake pads crumbling apart and in bad need of replacement. So I went in to Just Brakes and they had a $98 4-wheel break job package. When I got out to the van they also said there were problems with the calipers sticking on the front and something on the back two wheels that were causing the rear brakes to lock and not function correctly or at all. It also needed new rotors, but rather than spend over $700 to get it all done, we worked out something so they could fix the back brakes and replace all the brake pads and get the van back up and running. I didn’t get new rotors and the calipers in the front could still be sticking. Liz called me this morning while on her way to take Sarah to school and said the brakes were not working. She had to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor to get them to stop the van and even then it would barely stop. So she borrowed a friend’s van and took sarah to school. Later this afternoon she is going to take the van back to a just brakes location near our house and see if they can fix it for free, since its probably something they did at the other shop. Hopefully we can get them fixed at no cost today!