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Another Cold Day!

It was 29 degrees this morning when I walked out the door to go to work.  Its going to be another chilly day.  Fortunately, the worst is over and we will be warming back up to the upper 70s by the weekend.  I heard that there were snow flurries reported in Daytona Beach this morning.  I look forward to the warmth to return and this cold snap to move on to another area.

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Time goes so fast!!!

   I realize its only Jan 17th today, but to me, it seems like time is really flying by quickly.  New years snuck up on my really fast, and now I can’t believe we are more than 1/2 way through January already.  It really is true that the older you get, the faster time goes.  I think we need to start planning more fun things as a family, if we don’t plan things out in advance, its too easy to let time fly by without doing anything together as a family thats fun!  The good thing is that we have so many beaches around and great places to take our kids.  Soon we’ll be able to go to Siesta Key again, and I think we might do Disney this year! 

   By the way, my next blog post will be in a few minutes, and will talk about how fast 2007 went by and how I can’t believe its already 2008.  🙂

Visitors this week!

This is going to be a busy week, my mom and youngest brother are coming to visit us on Wednesday. Then Thursday is Sarah’s K-5 Graduation and also Abby’s Birthday party. Then Friday will probably go to a park and the beach. Saturday we have to take my mom and brother back to the airport for their return flight home. Not sure what will be going on Sunday yet, and I also took Monday off to recover from the busy weekend. It should be a fun time and we hope they enjoy their visit.

Vacation – at least a short one!

Liz has one of her friends that will be visiting in early May.
Sarah graduates from K5 in mid-May.
My mom and brother (possibly both brothers) will be visiting in mid-May.
My Aunt and Uncle will be visiting in mid-May.

So I’m taking a few vacation days so I can be home while we have people visiting.
Now, what to do, what to do….maybe one of these?

1. Caladesi island
2. Clearwater Beach
3. Busch Gardens
4. Adventure Island
5. Lowery Park Zoo
6. Temple Terrace Rec Center

Hopefully we will find a way to have some fun and relax!!!]]>

Beach houses

Looks like we might be meeting up with some family in the coming months of summer at a beach house somewhere half way between Florida and Delaware. Hopefully we can find a place thats reasonable, get a reservation and have about a week where we can hang out and do fun things. I still have lots of details to work out and very little time to work on it, but hopefully we will actually get a family vacation setup soon. Imagine that.

My Birthday

Items I’d like to get:
1. External standalone DVD recorder for my Tivo
2. Some blank DVD +R Dual layer media
3. A new scanner for my PC (sheet feed)
4. 500GB hard drive (way too expensive!)
5. Model Kits (like star trek ship models)
6. One of those big styrofoam airplane kits (the big one)
7. A small trampoline (maybe, but not at our current house)
8. A ladder for my pool I got that I never setup last summer!
9. Gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Curcuit city, etc.
10. Restaurant gift cards, like to TGI Fridays and Wendy’s

Things I want to do before I die!
1. Take a cruise (to the carribbean or somewhere really tropical – must have crystal blue water and hammock)
2. Ride a jetski (or wave runner, I don’t wan to stand up and ride).
3. Go parasailing (at the beach, maybe clearwater beach, my favorite).
4. Take a propeller cart ride, or whatever its called, on 75N they have a gocart thing with a propeller and parachute. I’d love to ride one of those!
5. Go to New York with Liz and hit a broadway show and eat at nice restaurants all dressed up!
6. Go to a comedy club in Tampa
7. Go to a jazz club for dinner with Liz (in Tampa)
8. Go on a dinner cruise with Liz (in Tampa)
9. Go see an IMAX movie
10. Go to Arizona to see the grand canyon
11. Take Liz to Niagra Falls (maybe the kids too 😉
12. Go to an international destination, like Paris or Italy,, somewhere romantic (maybe take a river cruise on one of those long thin boats)
13. Take my family to Disney in Orlando
14. Go on a submarine ride (no clue where you can do this)
15. Try water skiing (or boarding)
16. Lie in a hammock on a tropical beach, sipping on a fruit drink in the warm breeze, with nothing but the sun, the sand and the sounds of the waves….Ahhhhhhhhh
17. Take my kids to a water park
18. Take each of my kids somewhere special or cool, one at a time, just them and me. Even a far away place.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, and probably update this list later….