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My IT Annaversary

I didn’t realize it until recently, but 2008 marks my 10th annaversary being in the IT industry.  It just kind of snuck up on me really, but when someone asked me how long I’ve been doing what I do, I had to count twice to verify it has been 10 years. 

I’m not quite sure yet how I would envision the next 10 years, since technology changes so rapidly.  I will probably slow down a bit one day soon and try to map out some plans for the coming years. 

It was 10 years ago now that I got my first IT job, a lowly rebate programming position using PICK.  From there what I consider to be a real IT position came along where I worked kind of like an apprentice for a local IT services shop.  I learend a lot from the other techs and eventually became the technician of choice for several clients.  I went on to work for state and local government and to obtain my certifications in 2004 after about 6 years in the field. 

3 year annaversary as an MCP

I just realized that today is my 3 year MCP Annaversary. 3 years ago today I got my first several Microsoft certifications. Of course, I’ve been doing IT for a lot longer than that, this just represents the annaversary of when I decided to get certified in what I was doing. I initially thought today was my annaversary, but after checking I got my first certs in late April of 04, so I’m a little late, but hey, I did get a few certs on this date 3 years ago, so that has to count right? 🙂

Annaversary Weekend

Liz and I just had our 8th Annaversary (technically yesterda). But we celebrated last weekend. We got a free two night stay at a local Inn and went out to dinner. I took Liz to the California Pizza Kitchen in the International Mall. We had some really good Pizza and a nice relaxing time. We only stayed one night at the hotel because the kids were sick and Liz ended up getting sick that first night as well. We did manage to squeeze in some requetball for about 30 minutes or so before returning home. It was a nice 4.5 day holiday weekend for us, so we tried to make the best of it. It was nice to relax, even though things didn’t go quite how we had hoped.

Sarah lost her first tooth

Today on our 8th Annaversary, Sarah lost her first tooth. She lost it at home just before biting into a slice of an Extra Large Brooklyn style pizza from Dominos. Pictures are at and click on 2006 and then todays date, (11-28-06).