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Miata's are awesome

I love my Miata. I have had very little negativity as a result of driving it, but I did recently get a “its a girly car” or its “a gay car”. In response to this, I put together a short list of links and quotes from people who would know best….Miata owners. People shouldn’t talk down about what they have no clue about. The quotes below are taken from the forums…

“I think the Miata is just about the best kept automotive secret for those who are not car nuts, but a car guy (or gal of course) knows what a Miata is and what it can do, it’s no secret to them.”

“I’d rather have a car that attracts women more than men (not that there’s anything wrong with that ).”

To quote Louis Armstrong, ” If you have to ask what Jazz is, you’ll never know””

I’ve had girls shout their phone numbers to me …my girlfriend didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did though.

I have had this car for 7 years and absolutely love it! The car is nimble and incredibly responsive-the car takes curves wonderfully. The top is easy to lower – I have taken the top down while sitting at a long red light. Unlatch and drop it behind you. The gas mileage is good. I get up to 33 mph on highway driving. It is a roadster and sounds/feels like one. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, no frills car that is intended for driving enjoyment. When I bought it, the differences between the Miata and the (then) Z3 didn’t justify the $18K difference in price. I am glad I went with the Miata. Fully loaded with all options it was only $24K,

Miata is the most popular sports car in the world with well over 750,000 built to date. What if Mazda had successfully marketed it as a “guy’s car?” Probably would have stopped being built in the mid ’90s and Mazda would no longer exist….

“I have had a lot of friends make fun of the Miata. You know, the whole “it’s a girl’s car” and “gay guys drive them”. A lot of them said that until they rode in it and nearly pissed on them selves. I have thought about it and I have come to a conclusion. My car is black. So, I don’t think that it really falls into either category. The color has a lot to do with the girl or gay appeal. That is just my opinions. But, as you all know. Those are like butt holes everyone has one.”

“Heck, I’ll try to talk anyone into buying one given half a chance. “Oh, man, I LOVE this car! The tight handling, the chunky shifter, the size, the proximity to the ground making you feel like you’re going fast even when you’re not, so you don’t feel tempted to get a ticket – what’s not to love?” Then I get to tell them what a practically new-looking ’97 like mine is going for. (But wait, that doesn’t add to my cachet, does it?) ”

“I never turned a basher to a fan, but I did make some shut up. It was early morning and some of my family car lovers and I were headed out to a classic car show. Well my uncles and cousins have either classic muscle or new, as do I but its in the middle of restoration and not drivable, are all ready to go on our little tour to the show. We always take the back way to miss all the traffic, and have a little fun on the way there. I showed up in my Miata and was ready to go. I get there and get knocked a little for ruining the V8 line. But especially knocked by one of my cousins in a late 90s Z28. On the way there I figured I’d give him a run for his money. I told him to just keep up as the roads are pretty curvy. For most of the trip I sat on my uncles bumper, then at one point I slowed down. well my cousin was ready to go, revving his engine and popping the clutch. So after there was some distance between the front of the group I punched it. I tore through the curves like nuts and watched my cousin disappeared behind me until I caught up to everyone else. He never knocked it again. ”

“I was amazed when I bought my 99 NB by how sleek and attractive the car was and how nice the interior design had become. Not to mention the way it drove – and now with power mods done such as exhaust, CAI, and some other goodies (and working on piecing together a DIY turbo kit) I couldn’t be happier! Now I know to never bash cars without checking out what they can become, not what they are.”

“1 convert to date. Made fun of the car, said they were under powered and lame, I asked him if he’d ever driven one, and the reply was “No.” He then joined me in a car pool of friends driving back to Ohio from North Carolina. I drove the first two hours, then handed him the keys and told him whenever he wanted to switch, let me know. I ended up riding in another friend’s car for the rest of the trip while he drove it, and another girl who wanted to ride in it asked me if she could, so we switched spots.

The next day he asked me to drive it around again, and then started talking about his plans to buy one.”

“Two people come to mind. First, I took a kid with an EG civic with a B20 non vtec in it and took him on a nice easy drive down a twisty road. It was the last time I heard him ask ‘why would you want a Miata?’ ever again.

Secondly, several friends of mine and I autocross and both of them have Trans Am WS6’s. This past weekend, I went to an autocross school and the autocross that followed it. I made good use of the braking and turning exercises, and beat both of them by a fair margin(1 and 3 seconds on an average 55 second course.) They both promptly clammed up, and I haven’t heard either of them mention buying a ‘real’ car all week.”

“I have had numerous friends laugh at my “girly” convertible. Once I take the onramp at 70 mph and have to slow down to merge, though, the ribbing stops. Then after their first time behind the wheel, they keep coming back for more. It’s an addiction”

“Let your car explain it for you – have them drive it.

I have friends that still talk about having driven mine in 1991. I have a friend who restores muscle cars, vintage-races a 200 mph former NASCAR Busch Cup car, and considers 300 hp “almost adequate for a street car,” who drove mine a few times and consequently just bought a ’92 Miata. (He drives the Miata more often than the ’04 Mach 1 lately and calls me to tell me “I found this great road on the way home today.”)

I’ve probably let 75 people drive mine, including friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers who simply ask me about the car. “Here, why don’t you drive it and see for yourself.” I’ve taught probably 20 people to drive a clutch in my car (including my 11-year-old son.) Nobody has ever gotten out of the driver’s seat without a big ol’ smile.”

“I have been driving for 30 years and have never been interested in cars.
They were “transportation” from point A to B, and expensive to boot. In the fall of 1999 one of my co-workers wanted to show me his new-to-him 1996 Montego blue Miata. So one day at lunch I took a look, and then he took me for a drive around town…..3 days later I bought a 93 that I continually upgrade; new top, engine stuff, custom paint, etc. I still can’t explain it, but I will have this car the rest of my life ”

“As soon as I got past the “Miata’s are for chicks” thing, and learned about Mazda’s passion for good sports cars (and the rotary engine – which I know the Miata doesn’t have) all that bias lifted away and now I can’t wait for someone to buy my car so I can move on.”

That’s all I have to say about that…

Past due oil changes

Both of our vehicles need an oil change, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken care of it yet. I hate the thought of doing it tomorrow (Sunday) but might not have a choice. If we don’t have anything planned for tomorrow, I may go to an auto parts store and buy my special oil for my car and take care of it. With Liz’s van, its more convenient to take it to a quick lube place, and a similar expense. I like to change my car’s oil because I use a special weight oil. 0W-30, which I don’t think you can get at the quick lube places. It takes a while in my car as the oil filter is poorly places, maybe one day I’ll get a filter relocation kit. I enjoy doing routine maintenance on my car, and its cheaper in some cases.

Miata door speaker

Noticed recently that the driver side door speaker in my Miata is on its last leg. I started to look into the options to replace it, thought about going to Circuit city or sound advice, but thought I’d ask around. A friend suggested I try the forums/classifieds, which I should have thought of right away. I went online to and didn’t find any of the Bose speakers I need, so I posted a wanted ad. Within 2 hours or so, I had several e-mail replies, and one guy offered to mail me a few of his spares (since he said he had at least 6 spares), then I could just reimburse him for the shipping. Basically he is giving me a few of his spare bose speakers so I can fix my Miata. All it will cost me is shipping. I was excited to read that e-mail and Liz was happy too because it means we don’t have to spend much money to get this fixed. The guy said he would mail them today, so I should have them by this weekend. I also have someone who can help me install the replacement which is also nice. Now if I could just get a CD player for the van!

garage door and other home items

For the past few months, our garage door has been getting more and more annoying. It would open a few inches and stop and we’d have to get out of our car and help it up while someone else pushed the button. Finally yesterday I had someone come and take a look. They adjusted some things and lubricated the whole system and now it works much better. There are still some gaps I’m going to try to get them to fix, where sunlight makes it through. This also means its not water tight in a few places. The door is older and will need to be replaced at some point, but for now I’m going to have them try to re-adjust it to keep it usable as long as possible.

This morning, I took the girls outside and we pruned some bushes and picked up the yard waste. Then we went in the back yard and I weeded the yard a bit, we had a few spots where some tall weeds were growing up.

As a side note, I had my car looked at by the auto shop that installed my new top and they are going to adjust a few thing and take care of the problems I’ve had with the top. I will probably make an appointment next week to have them take care of it.

Zoom Zoom

Now this picture says it all, Miata owners everywhere druel at the sight…. 🙂

Road dangers

Its becomming more and more evident to me that people who drive larger vehicles are a bit careless. I can’t tell you how many times now, someone in a large vehicle has nearly run me off the road because they cut in front of me and don’t even look. I realize I dirve a small car, but a little common sense would do a world of good before you take a swift turn into another lane on a highway. Again this morning, on the interstate on the way to work, someone in a large van swerves into my line while I’m right next to them. I put on my horn and they backed into the previous lane and no harm done. But serious, people are so careless and only self-aware on the roads, I bet a large portion of accidents are due to this very issue. And I don’t even want to think of how many beautiful Miata’s are sent to the junk yard because someone in a large vehicle wasn’t paying attention and merged themselves into an accident.

Issues with new top

Well its been 4 days now since I had my top replaced. I think I have a few issues with the new top and a’m going to have to take my car back to the auto shop to fix. The top is hard to latch, it is so tight that the top won’t sit on the ledge of frame close enough to latch properly. Its just about impossible if the window is already zipped. I have to unzip the window, then latch the top, then re-zip the window. I also have some rippling going on in the rear drivers side of the top, which looks bad, so I”m going to try to have them re-adjust the top so it latches properly, and fix the rippling.

Random chat with another Miata owner

On my way to work this morning, I happened to stop at a red light next to another Miata. This one was a newer model, red in color with black top and interrior. The lady in the car got my attention and proceeded to chat about her Miata and how she had one just like mine. She asked if I was in the club and I said no. I do have a Miata club sticker on my windshield, but its from the previous owner. Although at some point I’d like to get to be part of the club around here and go to some of the meets. Miata owners are so nice! Its really got its own culture! Miata is an old German word which means “reward”. 🙂

Making fun of Miata's

There are lots of people that if they hear you own a Miata, will instantly make fun of you . These are people who are not educated “automotive” people, but usually people who have never driven a Miata. Typical things that get made fun of is the size of the car, the size of the driver compared to the car, etc. Also people thing because its so small and has a 4 cylendar engine that its weak and a “Girly” car. All I can say in response of this balogna is that you gotta drive it before you make fun of it. Let me take around a few onramps at 70MPh in near 75 degree turns. You’ll see how the Miata handles the corners with no slippage and hugs the road like the little roadster she is. Don’t let the convertible top fool you either, a soft top is fantastic, and extremely relaxing, put it down during your drive home from work, and it makes all your worries disappear. Basically, at least ride shotgun with someone who can really drive the car as it was meant to be driven, and you’ll be asking for the keys soon enough. Appearances can be deceiving, be careful when making fun of a poor little Miata, you may find they are not as “girly” as you think!

Miatas are used in autocrossing heavily, and lots of people are using their Miatas in drifting. These are not a “girly” car, and its the BEST Selling sports car EVER according to many studies and reports.

I got her back!

I picked up my poor little car on Saturday after a very traumatic separation for the two of us during a top installation. I dropped her off on Thursday and didn’t pick her up until Saturday at 4. It was a long separation but we both survived. My Miata now has a brand new custom top and it looks good. I do have a few minor complaints:

1. I now have a zippered top, meaning the top won’t go down unless you unzip the rear window. Not that big a deal.
2. They didn’t cleanup, I need to vaccuum out the rear shelf because of some fabric shedding and dust.
3. This morning I noticed some rippling in the rear drivers side of the top near the frame. I am going to call and see if they can re-adjust this section to get rid of the ripples.

Otherwise, I’m very happy with the work, it looks good and now I don’t have to be embarrassed about my duct tape patch job anymore. Next on the radar, is getting some kind of fix for the worn leather seats. I got a quote for $425 from them to fix the seats, but I can get a used set cheaper or for now I might just get a good pair of seat covers. Lastly, I’d like to get a touchup paint job to fix some fading on some parts of the car.