My first AD domain rename

I recently had the pleasure of getting to perform my very first Active Directory domain rename.  This situation was the result of some bad planning on my part a few years ago when I first setup Active Directory in my home office, but I’ll talk about that in a separate thread that deals with Exchange 2010.

To do the rename, I was expecting to see the “Rename domain” option in ADUC, but as it turns out its all command line.  So after a few commands of the rendom tool, I was able to rename my AD domain.  I first had to remove Exchange completely, then I was able to perform the rename.   It wasn’t that bad and went rather well.  I did run into a few bumps, such as my DNS server needing a manual re-config, and the connected client machines (desktop and laptop) did not automatically update their DNS suffix.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary, and I very nearly did just start over from scratch, but I wanted to press on and see if I could get everything to work on a renamed domain.  To my delight, it worked and I’ve even got Exchange 2010 running now.  The only thing I would recommend is to re-install Exchange on a server with a different node name than what it had previously.  This caused me all sorts of little issues that I’ll deal with later in a separate post.

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