Make your iTunes library portable

Now that I have an iPod Touch, I found that being limited to using iTunes on a single computer to sync and manage my library of music, podcasts and videos was a drag.  So I did some google searching and found that I could store my iTunes library on a portable hard drive and use iTunes on any computer (granted the iTunes version if the same).  I gave it a try, installed iTunes on two computers, made sure my portable hard drive was using the same drive letter on both computers and then began to setup my library.  As a result of all this work, I can now manage my library, sync my iPod and make changes anytime on either PC.  This works great and is very convenient for me.  Now I just need to get a dock for my desk and a few other accessories.  I didn’t find a need to post detailed instructions on my blog as there are many existing resources you can find with a simple google search on how to set this up.  Its very easy and works great, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go mobile with iTunes. 


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