High price of text messaging

I use at&t for my wireless provider and recently needed to add a text messaging plan to my account.  I did this for various reasons, such as keeping in touch with one of my brothers, and getting customized alerts on my phone from other providers.  What I didn’t like was the cost structure, I currently pay about $5 a month for a 200 text message plan.  Normally this would have been enough for me, but this month I am coming very close to going over my 200 messages.  I checked into upgrading my text messaging plan and I was shocked to find that the next plan up is a $15 as month 1500 txt message plan.  This is way overkill for me, and way over priced!  I will probably use around or a little over 200 text messages per month, so a 500 txt messaeg plan would be perfect for me, but there is no way I want to spend an additional $15 a month just for text messaging!  To get around this I could use e-mail to text but that is not as nicely formatted and could cost the person I am texting with some extra $$. 

Today I found this article detailing a Senate inquiry demanding information from wireless carriers why text messaging is so expensive.  It seems to me that they lure you in with the 20 minute plan, which once you get using you quickly find is not enough, then to upgrade they sucker you into spending an additional $10 over what you already pay for a higher plan which is likely to be more than you need unless you are a power texter…

I would be very pleased if the wireless carriers would offer more text messaging plans at more reasonable prices. 

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