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Yesterday I downloaded the official release of Google Chrome (BETA).  I didn’t quite know what to expect at first, as I’ve actually heard very little about this new web browser.  I gave it a try yesterday and and on some machines at home last night.  So far I am very impressed with Google’s new browser.  Its fast, its user friendly, its minimilastic and works great.  I love the tab features and simple interface.  Page rendering if quite fast and I was impressed with how quickly it loads some web pages that takes IE a bit longer to load.  Unfortunately, OWA (webmail for Exchange) still looks just as bad as it does in Firefox, but does work.  Thats really my only gripe and its not a Google Chrome issue, its the way Microsoft wrote OWA’s code.  I’m going to set Google Chrome as my default web browser for a while and see how it goes, maybe run a few weeks with it and see if I can make it a permanent switch.  One thing I did notice is that launching links from Outlook seems much snappier with Chrome than it is with IE7. 


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  1. I just noticed one other negative thing… On you can’t edit any of your information through Chrome. When you click the edit links it just takes you back to your main profile page or Wall. But again, this isn’t necessarily a Chrome issue, it is probably bad coding on the web developers part. Not a deal breaker for me either.

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