Old Garage doors are a pain

As my family and I loaded up in our van to head off to a part yesterday (Labor Day) to have some fun, we noticed that as we tried to pull away that our garage door wouldn’t close.  It would come down almost all the way, and then go back up.  After spending about 5 minutes trying to make it close, I just pulled the manual release and locked it from the inside so we could get on our way.  We had some friends following us in their own car, so it was holding us all up from going to the park. 

When I got home later that evening I started to fiddle with the sensors.  I noticed that the status light on one of the sensors wasn’t illuminated.  Wiggling it made the light come on steady, but only for a moment.  I adjusted and tinkered with the sensors until I got them alligned pretty well that seemed to fix the problem.  However, I think I am still going to go ahead and replace the door since it needs to be replaced anyway.  The door is the original door that was installed in the house in 1988, and there are gaps and framing issues too.  I placed an ad on craigslist and already got several good quotes from various places, so it won’t be much longer and I’ll have it all taken care of. 

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