Big Truck in a Small Town

As I mentioned in my previous post, yesterday we went to the park.  This park was in Zephyrhills, so we took 301 North to 54 and then found our way to Zephyrhills park.  As we were about to make our left onto 54 at the light, a big purple tractor trailor turned right off of 54 onto 301 at this tiny little intersection.  There were cars behind me and two more lanes of traffic to my right, and only one oncoming lane on my left (where this truck was trying to go).  As the driver made his turn the front of the truck occupied my turn lane, and part of the next lane to my right.  The truck could go no further as it was almost pointed directly at the front of our van.  This stopped traffic through the intersection as the truck blocked most of the lanes.  There was no where for us to go, so we had to sit there patiently as traffic headed north on 301 continued to pass in the right-most lanes.  Finally we were able to sneak around the front of the truck and make our left hand turn behind it, which was ok even though we lost our green turn light, since he was blocking the road.  I don’t know if that truck was supposed to be on those small roads or not, but if there aren’t any restrictions for trucks, there should be! 


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