Facebook explosion

I have accounts with a lot of social sites, such as facebook, myspace, etc, and have had them for quite some time.  I have never really used them much for various reasons, but recently I realized that a bunch of people I know use it and so I decided to update my page on facebook and add a few new friends.  As soon as I did that, BANG – a bunch of people started adding me.  Before I knew it, I was adding new applications and getting caught up in it.  Then after some of Liz’s friends started adding me, we had to setup her an account on Facebook.  So last night we were up until after midnight working on her profile and adding pictures and applications…yawn…



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  1. Forgot to mention that after setting up Liz’s account last night, I went through a few of our common friends that I had on my account and went through trying to add other people she knew, but did so from my account on accident, so I added a bunch of her friends to my account that I didn’t want. So now as they have been confirming me, I’ve been going in and removing them…

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