Moved to new domain

For those of you who read my blog or subscribe to my RSS feed, you should know that I have moved to a new domain. All my old links/posts/pages, etc should all still work, but you may see some strange issues now and then until you update your bookmarks and or RSS feed link. My new domain name is and my blog link is now located at

I will be putting up a new site at the root of sometime soon, but for now the only thing that works is my blog link.

It was quite a challenge to move domains with my blog, as I had lots of plugin issues and link problems. I ended up starting from scratch and re-installing wordpress and all my plugins manually. I used a wordpress export to move everything over which worked great except that I lost of blogroll links. I was able to use the wayback machine at to get the links I used to have and the names I gave them. So for now, the blog is fully moved over and working great.

About Joe

I am the author of this blog, IT engineer, husband, father, and somewhat of a nerd.

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