Trust the staff

I came across an article by Derryl Steib in the August version of Redmond Magazine.  Here is a quote from his article entitled “Listen to the People you hire”. 

“The bottom line is that if you don’t trust your network administrators and heed what they’re telling you, need to hire new ones”. 

Thats a great quote and something many IT engineers and administrators face on a daily basis.  I can’t begin to count the number of times my suggestions have fallen on the deaf ears of upper management in most of my 10 years working in IT.  People like me spend a great deal of time working with the systems we are certified in and or have a great deal of experience with.  I know the difference between a paper MCSE and “real” MCSE, and honestly there are a good deal of people out there that don’t know much, and admittedly there are things I don’t know that I probably should, but when it comes down to it, the best person to ask about a problem or planning for IT projects are the people that maintain/support/design/build/etc those very systems.  Sales people cannot be relied upon for accurate information about products/services, and the only real source of true information about a product or system is from the administrators and engineers who actually work with those systems on a daily basis.  So I reitterate what Derryl says, trust the people you have working on these systems, listen to their advice, at the very least, accept the possability that they actually know what they are talking about and know more about the subject matter than you do. 

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