Opening another Microsoft support ticket

Once again I find myself picking up the phone for a Microsoft support incident.  This time for something that might be simple, but then again, it might not be.  Basically I have a new Exchange 2003 server that has been installed into a single domain, single Exchange site organization.  This new server cannot view the public folder heiarchey in ESM.  I created a test mailbox on the server and when connecting through outlook, can also not view any public folders.  Pfdavadmin also cannot see any public folders when connecting to this new Exchange server. 

I ran the BPA for Exchange and it says there is no proxy address, but I checked in ADSIedit and have verified it does.  All the other KBs on the MS Support site don’t help and I’ve tried several things with the RUS and rebooting, but nothing has helped.  Rather than continuing to waste my time working on this, I am going to see if MS support can help speed things along. 


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