Annoyance with WordPress plugin auto-upgrade

<vent> I love WordPress, its a greatp latform.  I especially like the option to do automatic plugin upgrades.  However one little annoyance has been plaguing me for some time now about this feature.  Sometimes when I try to do a plugin upgrade using the automatic upgrade method, the upgrade process will fail but after the plugin was removed.  This leaves me with a problem since I don’t keep a master list somewhere of all the plugins I use (ok I probably should), so when the install fails and the failure removes my plugin compeltely, I end up losing the plugin and don’t bother to manually re-install it. 

I don’t know if this issue is common to anyone else running WordPress 2.5.1, but it certainly happens to me quite often.  Sometimes the errors are related to a plugin error, it might say unable to create the folder, or some FTP related issue, but almost always the failure removes the plugin completely and I am left with having to spend the time to manuall re-install.  </vent>


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