Receiving files over bluetooth

On my at&t tilt running a cooked WM6.1 ROM and a few good apps, I had one major problem recently.  I couldn’t receive files over bluetooth.  My wife just switched to a Treo 680 and I was trying to get her ringtone off of her old Samsung flip phone.  I was going to send the file over bluetooth to my TILT and then sopy it to a mem card or e-mail to myself so I could get it onto her Treo via other means (bluetooth won’t work on a Treo for transferring an MP3 rington). 

I just couldn’t get the file transfer to work, her Samsung phone would try for a few seconds and then give up with the error “sending cancelled”.  I tried various things for days to get this to work, and today I just found out why I had this problem.  Apparently, even though the TILT has no infrared port, the beam settings intermingle with bluetooth settings.  So in order to receive a file over bluetooth, you have to enable “receive all incomming beams” in the connections tab (start > settings > connections tab > beam).  Now that I have enabled this option, I am able to transfer files over bluetooth.  I never even checked in there before since I thought “beam” was just part of the old infrared controls.  Apparently thats not it at all and the beam setting affects bluetooth file transfers. 

Hopefully this will help someone else overcome this issue without all the time and frustration it cost me to figure it out.  See this thread for enlightenment. 

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