Network related issues after applying SP2 for Server 2003

I had read about network related issues after applying SP2 for Windows Server 2003, but had never run into them before.  Recently I installed SP2 on two very powerful servers with good hardware, and afterwards noticed I was getting RPC errors when trying to logon with a domain account.  I was able to create local accounts on each server remotely and logon locally to each machine, only to find that I couldn’t browse the web, the GUI was freezing up on me, and a lot of strange things were happening.  I was about to uninstall SP2 when I remembered reading about these issues, so I ended up finding this MS KB describing the issue and recommended resolution. 

Sure enough, after disabling “Receive Side Scaling” the servers began working normally again.  I was able to logon with domains accounts, browse the web, etc.  There is no need to reboot or do anything else special, it just works immediately after turning off that option. 

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