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I called Goodlink support yesterday to ask about a pesky issue that I’ve noticed for a while relating to ActiveSync not synching the contacts once you’ve installed the GMM client app on the phone.  Basically I have Goodlink installed for my work e-mail, and I use ActiveSync for my personal e-mail which is hosted on my own Exchange server.  I don’t know at what point the contacts stopped synching, perhaps it was a change in the GMM app, or perhaps it is something with WM6.1, I am not really sure. 

Anyway, I called support to ask about this and the rep I spoke to said they had never been asked this before.  I find this hard to believe, I can’t possibly be the only person using a device with Goodlink and also using ActiveSync for other e-mail.  So the rep tells me that the way I am using my phone is an unsupported configuration.  Basically once you install Goodlink you are not able to officially use ActiveSync to connect to other mail accounts.  The Goodlink app takes over the phone and causes issues like this.  I submitted this configuration as a feature request, however I doubt they will allow it. 

I don’t understand why this would not be a supported configuration since the GMM app is a separete suite of applications and has not in the past interferred with the Pocket Office apps, namely Pocket Outlook (mail or contacts).  I should point out that initially ActiveSync will sync the contacts folder to Pocket Contacts, but after the initial sync, Goodlink takes over and you can no longer sync the contacts.  I also noticed that the latest versions of the GMM client app seems to initially sync your contacts to the pocket contacts app, however there are no options for this and no indication that it is supposed to do this. 

So for now, if I make a change to any of my personal contacts, I have to delete my ActiveSync profile, and re-create it, which forces a re-sync of my contacts one time only.  Then after that, it will no longer sync contacts, that option is disabled (grayed out).  All other functions work ok, its just the contacts that don’t work.

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  1. I have encountered the same problem with my Samsung Blackjack II running GMM v5.0.3.25_EN and Windows Mobile 6 (CE OS 5.2.1620 (Build 18125.0.4.2)

    I am able to use my personal contacts for the phone dialer by selecting the Good>Preferences>Phone>Use System Dialer. However I can’t get these contacts to sync with my MS Outlook ever since I installed the GMM client.

    If you go into the ActiveSync profile on the phone you see that Contacts is grayed out (not selectable). You can add the Contacts from the host PC ActiveSync profile, but it doesn’t seem to do anything (and gets removed the next time you sync).

    I have reinstalled the ActiveSync software, reset the device and am not able to get the contacts to sync again. Very frustrating.!

  2. I forgot to mention that in my case I am just syncing to an MS Outlook 2003 (11.8206.8202) SP3 profile on my laptop WinXP computer over a USB cable and not an exchange server a Joe is..

  3. Yes this is a very frustrating issue. I found that if I delete my activesync profile on the phone and re-create it, it will sync with my Exchange server and I assume it will sync with Outlook over the sync cable. Have you tried re-creating your activesync profile? I mentioned this to Goodlink and they said this is by design and using both goodlink and activesync is not a supported configuration. So I submitted it as a feature suggestion.

  4. The way GMM blocks ActiveSync from syncing native contacts with Outlook is too bad. I see comments all over the net since 4.x GMM wanting this feature. I just started using GMM (on v5.0.3.25) and it will allow syncing of Calendar, ToDo and Notes, but no contacts. Arg..

  5. I guess I’m lucky then that using the sync to Exchange setup I am able to sync once, but then the option gets grayed out. That lets me at least setup my contacts once, but then if I make changes they don’t get synced. Its a pain, and I did complain about it to Good support, but not sure what their plans are for this.

  6. I did find an old release note for GMM 4.9.3 that talks about this:

    GC WM 2005 / 2006
    Good Mobile Messaging does not officially support the use of other applications (e.g., Microsoft ActiveSync) to sync contact records to native contacts database.

    The question is if/when this will be supported in GMM 5.x.

  7. Good find! I did suggest this in a feature request through Good support, but I doubt they will take this one on. Sounds like they want to be the primary e-mail app on the device, and don’t want to deal with potential issues of other e-mail apps running on a single device. Here’s for hoping though!

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