Managing ITunes library

When I got my new laptop a few months ago, I decided to keep all of “my” stuff on it.  This includes my music library, which is now in ITunes since I also got an IPod.  I also play music from my “main” computer at home, and wanted a way to synch my laptop music library to the main computer since my ITunes library was the most complete and organized mucis collection between the two machines.  Backing up and restoring my itunes library from PC to PC is really not to hard. 

The trickly part was the fact that I have an IPod and my wife has a Sandisk Sansa.  We wanted to re-sync her sansa with the updated ITunes library from my laptop since her music library had a lot of expired “go” content in it, and mine was all non-DRM mp3.  What I did was a few google searches to find a tool that would let me sync my ITunes playlists to other media players.  So I connected the sansa to my laptop, setup a few profiles for the sansa and the playlists I wanted to sync, and bingo, I now had updated my wife’s sansa from ITunes.  If I can find the download link for the tool I used I will update this post with the link.


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