Stub objects remain after mailbox moves in Exchange 2003

I recently came across an issue when moving mailboxes from one Exchange 2003 server to another, where a disconnected mailbox was left over on the source Exchange server’s mailbox store.  Running the cleanup agent did not remove it, and even after a few days the object remained.  I did some searching and came across this article which gives a good solution that works and it won’t cause any user interruption. 

Basically if you initiate a mailbox move again for the affected user mailboxes, back to the original Exchange server that contains the disconnected stub objects, Exchange will detect the duplicate mailbox and purge it.  The mailbox move operation will fail, but the stub object is removed as desired.  So there you go, a simple solution to a strange problem.  There is also a hotfix available, but this is a more desirable solution for me. 


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