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If you have Verizon FIOS, and haven’t already customized your router to use better DNS Servers, do yourself a favor and do so asap.  By default Verizon uses “DNS assistance” on their *.*.*.12 DNS servers.  Set your router to use custom DNS servers and change the ending .12 to a .14.  Alternatively, using any of the other official Verizon DNS Servers in the range of through is also a good bet. 

If you don’t customize your DNS, the Verizon DNS assistance configuration can potentially cause issues for Tech Savy users who do VPN, host monitoring, etc.  You are also helping Verizon make more money by being served ads on their DNS assistance page. 

I came across this help link on the Verizon website that will guide you through changing your router config to optomize your DNS settings…

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  1. How do you change the DNS servers that the router pushes out via DHCP? I’ve been looking for this setting for a few days now, and can’t find it.

    I’m starting to think the router gives out the same DNS servers it gets from Verizon, and it can’t be changed.

  2. You have to go into your “My Network” settings, and click on the edit button for the “Network (home/Office)” connection (should be the top level item). Once there, click “settings” and you should all the global configuration for your home network in there, where you can among other things, change the DHCP settings. Hope that helps!


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