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I used to use the Windows XP powertoy “image resizer” which added a quick context menu resize ability to any image file. This was handy if I needed to quickly adjust or resize my images. Now in Vista, that ability is missing, and the powertoy from XP won’t work in Vista. So I found this Vista Image Resizer which is a free alternative. It also adds a context menu option to resize photos. And while it does work ok, I found it has a bug when resizing multiple images, if you leave the option set to resize the originals, it fails to do anything, but if you set it to make copies, then the copied images actually get resized.  This is only an issue if you have multiple photos selected and attempt to resize the originals.  Overall it’s a good replacement, and I recommend it as a replacement for the old XP powertoy.

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  1. VSO Image Resizer is kinda buggy… but when it works properly, it’s fast and pretty good at what it does.

    However, if you’re like me and you miss the old XP PowerToys image resizer, check this out:


    Some clever guy has managed to clone that feature of the XP PowerToys set and made it possible to use on Vista.

    I’ve installed it on Vista Ultimate SP1 x32 Edition and it works perfectly. VSO has now been uninstalled and my search for a bug free Vista image resize from the context menu is over.

    Download it here:


    Nick 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tip Nick, I’ll check that out as well.

  3. Hey dude, I wonder how you can make “google search results” inside you posts with keywords I googled for?

  4. I use a plugin for wordpress called “search unleashed” which allows this. It indexes all my posts and pages and allows for the special highlighting you saw on my blog with words highlighted from google searches…

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