The Mosquito – kids can hear it, most adults can't

Ok, I’m a little late, almost 2 years late, but I just heard about this and think its really cool.  I read this article and this one is also good, and got curious, so from there, I came across this link which will let you download a tone generator with which you can generate your own custom tones and test your hearing abilities.  I tested myself and can hear up to 18Khz (18000.00Hz), but nothing over that.  So I should be able to hear the teenager mosquito ringtone just fine, which is around 17Khz.  I could hear all the sample sounds out there on the internet, and with the tone generator I mentioned, I found the limits of my hearing abilities.  Just a warning here that listening to these tones is annoying, its not a pleasant sound, and leaves a bit of a ringing in your ears.  I would advise moderation here when playing around with it.

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