Got a tilt

On Thursday I received an equipment upgrade I ordered from at&t. My initial impressions were good, I liked the phone and fatures and only observd a few small gripes, but most are personal perference issues. Then on Sunday morning I turned my phone on vibrate and put it in my holster. Later that morning it vibrated so I picked it up and found it was powered off. I powered it back on only to get a message about the SIM door being unlocked and the phone was going to automatically shut off. I re-seated the SIM card, locked the SIM door and powered it back on. All this time I had not noticed that the display was all washed out and unreadable. It won’t display any colors and there are lines or streaks through the dispay. I didn’t damage the phone, there was no vibration or moisture damage, I didn’t drop it or mistreat it. It was fine Saturday night, and then Sunday morning after turning on Vibrate, the screen got washed out. There must be some sort of wiring issue or short somewhere inside the phone. I called ATT this morning and they are shipping me a new phone which I should have by Wednesday.

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