Finally bought a wii

I broke down today and got a wii from eBay. I really didn’t want to spend the extra money and support the price gouging on eBay, but did it anyway. It would probably have taken weeks for me to track one down at a store, and by the time I did get one, I would have spent lots of time and effort in getting it. I don’t feel too bad, because I only paid about $40 or less over retial for the wii I bought. Its coming from Ohio, and I just got the shipping confirmation, so I should have the wii on Friday or Saturday at the latest. Its coming USPS so I can even get it on Saturday, which is one of the reasons I chose this seller.

I still need to look at getting more games, and an extra controller, as it only comes with one, but in time we should have a nice little setup 🙂


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