A wii frustration

It really bugs me about all this wii shortgage, none of the stores can keep them in stock and people want one but can’t find one. A quick check on eBay reveals many many wii’s for sale and the prices are of course higher than retail. You see auctions with 78 wii units available and its just not right. People are so greedy that will use whatever means they have to in order to snatch up as many wii consoles as possible and then auction them off for elevated prices due to the shortage they are helping create. I wonder if it weren’t for people like this, if we would still have such a shortage. I would immagine that if greedy people didn’t stockpile them for auctioning off, if everyone who wanted a wii would now have one, and maybe we wouldn’t have this shortage to begin with. I do want a wii, but I will NOT buy one from an auction site and pay more than retail. I wish everyone would boycott them and stick them with their large inventories of wii systems until they had to sell them off for less than retail. I also find the deception in the auction listings very irritating. People will list a wii for sale with 2 controllers, but what they really mean is that the set includes a single controller and a nunchuk. They get irritated when you point this out and are hoping to deceive people into buying one of these only to realize later that they still need to buy an additional controller and maybe more. This is all extremely irritating, and I hope Nintendo learns something from this, and manages their distribution chain better next time with better expectations for production and manufacturing.

UPDATE: I called a Toys R Us nearby, and they said they had one in stock. So I ran down there and by the time I got to the store, they had sold it. Or at least the guy at the counter said they were out. When I called earlier they said the store had one left. I guess I should have asked him to check. Oh well, I went to a nearby Target and they are sold out as well. These ebay people are really starting to irritate me even more now. There are probably thousands available on ebay and you can’t find any in a store, but if you are willing to pay about $100 over retail, you can get one online. This just stinks, and is really getting on my nerves. But when I do find one I will be happy I didn’t have to pay so much more for mine as people are paying on eBay and other online sources.


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