back to school prep

Hard to believe that school starts in about 2 weeks and we still don’t know where Sarah will go this year. We are waiting to hear from the school we want her to go to, and can’t really afford to send her to the private school she was going to last year. The school in our district is our last resort, and although its a nice school and graded well last year, its still a frustrating thing not being able to send you kids to the school of your choice. This week we will hopefully hear a final word about the school we want Sarah to go to, if that doesn’t work out, then its probably going to be our district school for now. Either way, we are totally unprepared for the coming school year. Most familes can’t wait for their kids to go back to school, but we are not average I guess, because we love the summer, getting to be together as a family and the kids have fun things they do with their friends all summer long. Its kind of sad for us when school is going, because Sarah has homework, and that eats up most of the evening once I get home and the major changes with her schooling this year is going to be hard. We still don’t even have school supplies because we honestly don’t know what we need yet, since we don’t know where she is going. This should be an interesting few weeks. I also may be going to New York again soon, so I just hope I don’t miss Sarah’s first week of school, or orientation, etc.

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