Scare as I got home Friday

I walked in the door on Friday evening just an hour or so before we were supposed to have company. I was all set to start working on dinner and get things ready for our company. Not a few minutes after walking through the door, I start heading loud crying from Sarah. She came walking out of the hallway with her hand over her mouth. She removed her hand from her mouth and I was instantly terrified to see her hand covered in blood. I scooped her up and and tried to see what had happened, it took a while to get the whole story out of them. What happened is they were fighting over something, Sarah leaned over Abby’s head (guess Abby was sitting) and Abby made a sudden move upwards with her head and busted Sarah in the chin. She has a lose tooth in the front and I guess it hit just so to damage her gums around that lose tooth and made it bleed. It only bled for a few minutes and then it was over, but wow that was a stressful way to start off our weekend.


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