Monthly Archives: May 2007

Now running WordPress 2.2

As of late last night I am now running WordPress 2.2. I was a little nervous about the upgrade, and it was a little complicated, but it went ok. I did run into a few interesting situations…

First, I use the plugin “Category Access” which restricts some categories from being publically avialable. These I want to keep privately for my own viewing. So when I went to do the upgrade, I saw the docs wanted you to disable all plugins. Well if I did that, my private categories would be exposed to the world and I didn’t want that. So I left category access enabled.

Second, my FTP client was not set to overwrite properly, so my first run through was not successful. Thank goodness I made backups before I started. Second time was the charm for me.

As far as my plugins go, everything still works except for two minor issues. I wanted to try sidebar widgets on my blog, but after upgrading to 2.2, I found that sidebar widgets won’t activate properly, and generates a fatal error. The plugin cannot be activated. Also, my category access plugin now locks the subject of some messages saying I don’t have the proper permissions to view the posts, however I can click on the posts and view them normally. So there is a small bug in category access, but overall I’m pleased with the upgrade.

Big Plans

I have some really big plans for my blog in the coming weeks. I am going to separate the personal from the professional/technical and re-arrange things a little better. Also, I am going to be posting more useful tech content here. I have several big ideas of things I could do with my website, blog and even a few new avenues. Its exciting, now I just need to find time to work on all this stuff.

WordPress installation generator with plugins

I recently came across this link and find it very handy. You can generate a custom wordpress installation file (in zip format) for later installation. It includes a list of plugins you can select and will generate the complete install with all your selected plugins. Go Here for more information.

Busy weekend with Birthday parties and Mother's Day

Friday night I went to WalMart in New Tampa to get a birthday present for Abby since we planned to have Abby’s 4th birthday party on Saturday. I got her a helium balloon kit and an extra pack of balloons. I made a few wrong turns and missed a few turns which made my trip a bit longer than I wanted. When I got back home Liz and I baked Abby a blue cake as a surprise, since her favorite color is blue.

Saturday morning we cleaned up a little and got ready for Abby’s party. Christina got there in the morning and Liz and Christina went to a salon and Liz got her hair cut. It looks really nice and she had a nice time. It took 3 hours from leaving to getting back, since it was the day before Mother’s day. We had a few people over and had a nice time.

Sunday, we took Liz to Romano’s Maccorroni Grille for a late lunch/dinner. We intended to go to the Olive Garden, but when we got there, there was a line out the door and a 1+ hour wait time. So we went to Romano’s instead. I loved the restuarant, it was very nice and the food was good. They have excellent bread! I wasn’t too plesaed with the sause they use on their pizza, but oh well. There were several other items I want to try later. I had the pizza because it was a Marguerita pizza, and I like the one at the CPK in the mall, so I thought I’d try the one at Romano’s. The girls had various thing like chicken, maccoroni, and ended with ice cream which neither of them really liked. Liz had the usual, and if you know her you know what I’m talking about. While at the restaurant, the girls and I played tic tac toe in crayon on the paper table cloth.

Finally! – NEW Pictures!

After more than 5 months of slacking, I’ve managed to sort through tons of pictures and come up with the best ones for uploading to our family picture gallery. So for those of you who’ve been waiting and asking when new pcitures would be available, here you go!!! Find all the new pictures at our picture gallery.

Florida Wild-Fire Map

Here is a link to a map of Florida showing the locations of all the wild fires causing the smoke problems we have right now.

Another smoky day

I drove to work this morning with my top down in my Miata, it was a beautiful day and a clear sky. Now just over an hour later it is extremely hazy and smoky outside. Its so thick in fact, that I can’t see the mall that is directly across the street from our office complex! This makes it hard to breathe outside and visability is terrible. I hope this clears up by the end of the day.

My new favorite desktop background

I’ve been a Photoshop Addict lately, and recently I got the idea to imitate a longhorn beta desktop background. So I took good old photoshop and went to work. I ended up with 22797 Now I don’t know who took the picture of the tree scene, and it looks kinda “touched up”, but I think is an awesome background and I use it on my laptop right now.

My blog for mobile devices

Today I activated a plugin for Word Press that will let you read my blog on a mobile device. I tested it on my Cingular 8125 and it works great. You don’t have to do anything special to get to it, just go to my blog page and it will detect your browser version and automatically display the mobile version if you are using a mobile device. I love this stuff!

Blog post recovery

Whew! I just freaked out a little because I almost lost the contents of that whole last post. I had other things going on while writing that post about the trip to the store, when I noticed that I could no longer see the app I was writing it in. I could the application running in my task manager, and the process was running, but when I tried to switch to it, all I got was a blank desktop. As a last resort before ending the process to start over, I clicked switch to, and hit CTRL+A then CTRL+C and opened notepad, and pasted the contents of my clipboard. Much to my delight, even thought I couldn’t see the app, apparently it was still there and let me select all my text and copy it so I could save it and use it to re-create my last post. Sigh…