Idea about our family website

I got an idea today about our family website. It really is a pain to keep up with changes and updates. Its been months since I’ve even uploaded any pictures to our gallery. (I do plan on uploading soon). So I thought, well, why don’t I do away with a complete website with sections for each family member for now, and just put up a page with links to my blog, our picture gallery, Liz’s blog (if I can get her to use it), and anything else that people might want ot see. Most people that come to our site go there for the pictures or to read my blog, so why bother spending all that time working on the site as it is now. So the plan is (whenever I get time), to take down the site as it is now, and put up an attractive page, very simplistic, with links of some sort to my blog, the picture gallery and anything else I think would be good. This will make maintaining our site much easier for me. Especially since people can get updates and news from blog, so there really isn’t any need to maintain that information twice.

And I promise, I’ll upload some new pictures from 2007 soon. We have some great ones too, so I’ll make sure I get on that in the next few days.

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