Nice weekend

Despite a rocky start, this past weekend was actually rather pleasant. Friday night, my sister-in-law came over and spent the night. We watched a movie (The fifth element) which we hadn’t seen in quite a while. Then on Saturday afternoon Liz and I go to go out by ourselves. We went ot Quiznos and got some subs for lunch. We took the subs to Lettuce Lake park and spread a sheet out on the ground and had lunch together under a shade tree. Saturday was really nice, beautiful sky with a nice breeze and perfect temperatures around 80 and only slight humidity. After the park we went to Dairy Queen, where Liz had an oreo blizzard and I had a bananna split. After that we went to Lowes (which is always fun for me). We bumped into a lady we knew and chatted for a few minutes. We didn’t get much of anything for various reasons, but I did buy a dimmer switch for our dining room light. It gets really hot when fully engaged so I was worried it wasn’t the right amperage. I went to replace it with a good switch only to find the switch I would be replacing was the exact same switch I bought at Lowes. So we are going to return it and assume its normal for the switch to get hot.

Sunday was funny, as some other people read my message to Liz on her MOPS donation page. I nearly got a standing ovation for that! I was also told that people like my persona of being laid back and calm. I got to hang out with Scott for a few minutes, I cut out a heart from some colored paper for him to give to his mother. He wrote “I love you” on it and gave it to his mom. I of course got the obligatory “high five”. We also planted some seeds in a bucket that Adam gave to the girls. Due to rain and general busy-ness we just got around to it a week later.

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